Building Toys For Toddlers {Fun For All The Family}

Building toys are a staple in most of our toy collections and are something which everyone loves to play.

This ranges from young toddlers up to grandparents that all want to join in the fun.

Building toys allow our imaginations to go wild and express our creativity from a young age.

There are many benefits from using building blocks and construction during everyday play such as improving our motor skills and working on our hand-eye coordination.

Our young toddlers will start with such a simple activity as placing one block on top of another which takes lots of concentration.

As we say “practise makes perfect” and before we know it, they will be constructing Lego masterpieces and putting us mummy’s to shame.


Megabloks is a fantastic set of lightweight building blocks to start our toddlers building collection.

They are brightly coloured and big enough to make our little builders’ life that little bit easier whilst starting off.

Megabloks is a great sensory toy for any young toddler who will love to help mummy build (or destroy in their case) the biggest tower.

There are other great sensory toy ideas on our article Best Sensory Toys For Toddlers.


Bristleblocks are a personal favourite of mine and bring back all kinds of nostalgia from my own childhood.

These blocks would work better for slightly older toddlers (around 2 years old) as they require a little more concentration.

Bristleblocks come in lots of varied shapes allowing our toddlers creativity to be explored in greater depth.

How many different animals can you create with the blocks for your little one to guess?!

Magnetic Blocks

Another set which would be perfect for older toddlers.

The blocks are highly satisfying when the magnetic force ‘clicks’ them together.

These create amazing houses, farms, castles….the list could go on.

The bigger the construction the better.

Our toddlers will also enjoy putting the pieces together to create an unidentified object which they can use during playtime. 

Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks

I think I would buy every single Melissa and Doug toy if possible, they are just my favourite!

This set of wooden blocks is another simple set which can be used in many different ways for our little builders.

I’m pretty confident one of their favourite games will be knocking down the construction at the end of playtime.

Or maybe the temptation will just be too much for them to wait until they have finished. 

Skoolzy Nuts And Bolts

The nuts and bolts construction is a very versatile set that can be used for both younger and older toddlers in different ways.

The toy can be separated and made into a smaller toy which could be used whilst out on your travels to keep those little hands occupied.

Skoolzy nuts and bolts helps with fine motor skills and helps our toddlers learn how to twist, screw and secure objects together.

Nuts and Bolts are not just for boys- us girls love to be practical too even from an early age!

Lego Duplo Alphabet Truck

An article about building toys just wouldn’t be the same without a mention of Lego.

The old classic that everyone has played with at some point over the years.

Lego can last for years and years and will be something that our children always play with.

Dependent on the age of your child, a lego set can be as simple as building blocks to a complete Harry Potter world.

One thing is for sure, even our little toddlers’ imaginations can create fantastic scenes and objects to be used in many in lots of different ways.

The alphabet truck is an ideal starter set.

EverEarth Toddler Workbench

A miniature workbench for our toddlers to build and construct for hours on end.

As the months pass by, our little ones will start to enjoy role-playing and recreating different scenarios with the toys that they have.

This wooden workbench is ideal for plenty of bashing of tools and building equipment to create exactly what they have in mind. 

B.Toys Squeeze Blocks 

The squeeze blocks can be used even from babies.

With their super soft material we don’t need to worry about any little accidents.

These could be also used during bathtime and outdoors and easily wiped clean to start again.

The cute images on the blocks could be used to start teaching some first words to our little munchkins when they start to find their voice. 

MegaBloks First Builders Table

An easily foldable table which is adapted for all MegaBlok constructions.

The blocks can be placed inside the table and covered with the larger table top pieces.

I don’t know about you mummy’s but anything that easily hides any extra toys away is a winner for me at the end of a long day.

The builders table is a genius idea to keep the construction all in one place while allowing our toddlers to feel such satisfaction from having their own building table.

Stacking Tower

A stacking tower is amazing to help our toddlers with colour and shape recognition plus their hand-eye coordination when they are trying to put the pieces onto the central pole.

Even without the base, the various pieces can be used to build different shapes.

It is amazing how quickly our little ones learn and you will be astonished how one day they just start placing the pieces in colour or size/size/ shape order onto the pole.

There is also another great stacking tower mentioned in our article Teething Toys And Ideas For Babies and Toddlers.

Djeco Nest And Stack Blocks Set

Little houses for animal figures which double up as stacking blocks makes playtime so much more fun.

The animal figures will allow our toddlers to recognise what kind of houses each animal has.

It could be a perfect opportunity to start teaching all the animal noises too.

The colourful, fun designs on each block are super pretty and I would even attempt to leave these out on display in the kiddies room to admire.

Don’t forget to put the animals to bed in their houses each night. 

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