The Best STEM Toys For Toddlers {To Build Important Skills}

What does STEM stand for?

  • S Science
  • T Technology
  • E Engineering
  • M Maths

STEM toys can also be known as STEAM toys which includes Art into the list of important skills

A slightly less heard of version of these acronyms is STREAM which includes Reading into the learning equation too. 

For our summary of the best toys for toddlers we will be using STEM.

What Are STEM Toys?

STEM toys for toddlers build the perfect foundation for future learning and education in the above areas.

Whilst playing with STEM toys our toddlers can build their problem solving skills, think, reason and experiment. 

All of these being essential parts of growing up and future key skills. 

The STEM toys will encourage and challenge our toddlers to be creative and think of different ways that each of the toys can be used. 

Take a look at our Open-Ended Toys article which also talks through toys which have unlimited options and uses for our kids: from babies to preschoolers. 

Whether it be a scientific toy, an engineering toy or a mathematical toy, they will have lasting effects on our toddlers’ thought process and approach to problem solving and creative thinking in their everyday lives. 

It is important not to overwhelm our toddlers by giving them a toy over their age recommendation. 

The Best STEM Toys For Toddlers

Skoolzy Nuts And Bolts

This bright, fun set is a firm favourite for improving fine motor skills but also working on our toddlers practical skills such as screwing, twisting, turning.

It is fascinating watching how our kiddies can learn such a useful movement and skill so quickly.

These nuts and bolts are perfect for at home but also on the go as they can be divided into smaller sets. 

Hape Fix It Kid’s Wooden Tool Box

Leading on from the Skoolzy Nuts and Bolts set above, we had to include this tool box which my daughter adores as she wants to ‘fix like daddy’ which are her own words.

She is always seeing her daddy with tools due to his job and she wants to copy and repeat just like him (yes my heart melts everytime!)

PicassoTiles Magnetic Tiles

We love them so much we have also previously mentioned these magnetic tiles in our Building Toys For Toddlers and Construction Toys For Toddlers articles.

The tiles are super easy and satisfying to put together for our little ones and each and every time their imaginations can create as they desire. 

Kipipol Train Set

As mentioned in our 15 Train Toys For Toddlers article, train sets are very beneficial to our toddlers and allow our little ones to discover which piece goes where to construct the set.

Not only the construction of the track but also building the train and allowing their imaginations to run wild as they chug the train along with all these additional accessories in this great set. 

Lego Duplo Classic Creative Fun 

We couldn’t not mention Lego Duplo in our list of STEM toys for toddlers.

Duplo is the perfect way to be introduced into the Lego World of creativity, imagination and hours upon hours of fun.

The classic set allows endless model ideas for both us mummy’s and our toddlers. Our other favourite Lego Duplo sets are;

Lego Duplo My First Alphabet Truck 

Lego Duplo My First Number Train 


I find Megabloks a simpler version of Lego and can be used from an earlier age (roughly around 12months).

The blocks are super light and we don’t need to worry about the inevitable of the blocks ending up all across the room and potentially a very high tower toppling over as our toddlers enjoy to build. 

Learning Resources 1-2-3 Build It!

Learning Resources offer a really cool way of introducing building objects to our sons and daughters.

The toy wrench helps construct and deconstruct these three different vehicles which helps build the understanding of real-life tools.

Once constructed the vehicles can be used for Pretend Play in addition to other toys they may have at home. 

Boon Bath Pipes, Cogs & Tubes Set

You won’t be able to get our kids out of the bath with this bath set.

The effect of seeing how the water falls and moves down the tubes and in different directions never seems to get old.

Each bath time will never be the same as the pipes and cogs will be put in a different sequence. 

National Geographic Marble Run

The way the marble runs down the track will vary each time as our toddlers get their hands on the pieces and construct the tallest, fastest run they have ever seen before.

The marble run has such a simple concept but it is something which is guaranteed to be repeated again and again.

Our toddlers love the cause and effect and the problem solving that this STEM toy brings to their collection. 

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