Top 11 Construction Toys For Toddlers {Choices For 12 Months+}

Construction toys for toddlers can take on many different shapes and forms.

A construction toy for some may be a simple set of blocks or pieces which can be used as open ended toys to construct whatever their hearts desire.

Whilst another idea of a construction toy could be a digger or dump truck which can be envisaged on a construction site amongst all the dirt and mess.

Both ideas are just as fun and interesting for our toddlers; young and older.

The beauty of many construction toys are that they can be used in diverse ways for many years to come for our children.

This being said the construction toys for toddlers become key toys in their collection.

construction toys for toddlers

Benefits Of Construction Toys For Toddlers

  • Open-Ended: Open-Ended toys are renowned for their ability to foster creativity, imagination, problem-solving skills and independent play which construction toys for toddlers very often tick this box. Check out The Best Open-Ended Toys article too.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Using the small muscles in their fingers and hands to take the pieces, move them around and place them on top of each other or perhaps connect one part to another.
  • Cooperation and Problem Solving: Construction toys for toddlers can be the perfect toys to encourage kiddies working together to create ideas and work on their interaction skills too.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Our little kiddies hand-eye coordination are working in over drive whilst using construction toys without even having to think about it.
  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math based toys often fall into the construction toys category too. Encourages children to take a hands-on approach to challenges and tasks; in this case building or constructing.

The Best Construction Toys For Toddlers

1. Hape Fix It Kid’s Wooden Tool Box and Accessory Play Set

This wooden set is a great basis for construction toys and shows our toddlers how they can use their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to hit, tap, twist and twiddle various screws into position within the toolbox.

Construction is derived from being able to build and be “handy” with the equipment and toys given therefore this set is ideal.

2. Melissa & Doug Construction Worker Role Play

Let your little munchkins get into the role of construction worker with this amazing set.

There’s nothing better than some fancy dress to get the excitement building whilst our toddlers are busy constructing the next best thing.

 Take a look at our Pretend Play For Toddlers article to continue on with some more fun role play activities they will love. 

3. iPlay, iLearn Construction Truck Toys

This 2 vehicle set of dump truck and digger can be used in more than one ways, from using the screwdriver to build both to then moving onto playing in other ways and inventing the best construction site noises.

The dump truck and digger are fantastic for indoor and outdoor play.

Try adding some sand or even dirt to the mix and the options are endless.

Us mummy’s sure know that when mess or dirt is involved then our toddlers are most likely to be having a ball. 

We also have the following articles for more outdoor ideas:

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4. Kidwill Toolkit For Kids

I love this wooden tool kit which can be used for practical skills and handling the various tools such as a pliers, hammer, saw, screwdriver etc.

These tools can be put into use straight away by constructing a car, a tank or perhaps even a helicopter.

This is one of the construction toys for toddlers that they will really love getting involved with and showing us how clever they are.

Always keep a watch with the smaller pieces if using around younger toddlers. 

Why not add the EverEarth Toddler Workbench as recommended on our Building Toys For Toddlers to the collection too so our toddlers are construction pro’s. 

5. PicassoTiles Magnetic Tiles 60pc

As we previously mentioned in our Building Toys For Toddlers article, we adore the PicassoTiles magnetic tiles for the many, many options they create to build and construct the biggest, best house or castle that our kids have ever seen.

The magnetic tiles are super satisfying as they ‘click’ into place so easily and just as equally satisfying for our toddlers to complete to their imagination’s content. 

6. Lego DUPLO Classic Brick Box First Set

Construction toys for toddlers can’t be discussed without the mention of a Lego DUPLO set.

DUPLO blocks are the first step into the big wide world of Lego that our children will be playing with and using their imagination to create objects for years to come.

This classic box with a mix of many shapes and sizes and fantastic for working on imaginative play and our young ones creativity.

7. Pull Back Construction Vehicle Toys

The pull back characteristic of these construction toys are exciting for moving around the house and getting dirty amongst the many tracks that we can make at home.

How much trash can your little ones pick up with the vehicles along the way? I can guarantee there will not be clean, empty trucks along the way.

The six various vehicles are a fab way of displaying the different types of construction trucks.

We love the Goodnight Goodnight, Construction Site book too as we recommended in our Best Books For 1 Year Olds article.

8. Ride On Digger Truck

Our toddlers can have their very own experience of steering and controlling their first digger truck.

This ride-on toy is a perfect addition to a garden or outdoor space that our toddlers will love to play with time and time again.

The sounds and actions of the digger truck make it very realistic for our little ones whilst playing outside and collecting many sticks and stones with their digger excavator. 

9. Megabloks

Megabloks can be one of the first construction toys for young toddlers to enjoy starting by building two or three blocks on top of each other to later use for being more creative and constructing houses, castles, etc.

These large, lightweight blocks are wonderful for beginners but can also be used for learning colours.

My 2 year old is still loving regularly using these blocks after over a year of having them amongst her toys.

I definitely think that they will be continually used for a good amount of time still. 

10. National Geographic Marble Run

A marble run is what I would see as a classic construction toy which kids have been using for years and I fondly remember from my childhood too.

There is no better sound than hearing the happy squeals of our toddlers when they see the marbles ‘running’ down the course once it has been constructed.

It is definitely one of those activities that’s going to be repeated x100.

Constructing can be just as fun as toddlers change the run each time and make the marbles fall in a different way.

11. Melissa & Doug Construction Set In A Box

This construction is recommended for 4+ years however I think this could be used for older toddlers and around the age of 3 years old.

The wooden pieces are a cool open-ended toy that can be constructed into many different objects and allows our kiddies’ imaginations to be built and creativity explored. 

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