Top 10 Board Games For Two Year Olds {Perfect For Beginners}

Board games are classed as tabletop games that can be played generally by moving pieces on a preset board or otherwise involving cards or other objects etc.

Board games for two year olds should be simple, easy to understand and captivating for our little players.

From the age of two years old is when the fun with board games really starts and they finally start to “get it” and can start following and understanding rules better.

Not only can board games be great fun on those rainy days indoors but are perfect for learning new words, new subjects and learning how to follow rules.

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Whilst selecting the best games for two year olds I wanted to make sure they weren’t overly complex and could all be used as starter board games.

There is a massive difference between a child of exactly two years old (24month) and a child of two years and 11 months in terms of their development therefore it is important not to overwhelm our little ones right from the get go. 

Benefits of Board Games For Two Year Olds

  • Encourages interaction
  • Learning new rules
  • Introduces play patterns
  • Strengthens bonds
  • Builds confidence

The Best Board Games For Two Year Olds

1. Monkey Around The Wiggle And Giggle Game By Peaceable Kingdom

Such a fun, active game that will get lots of giggles from our two year olds and have them up on their feet straight away in enthusiasm.

Our little ones really will become little monkeys with the banana prop whilst having to follow the commands on the cards. 

2. Acorn Soup By Peaceable Kingdom 

Two consecutive board games by the same company but I really love the objectives of the game and believe they are fantastic starter board games for two year olds.

The recipe cards show different ingredients required to make the soup and our kiddies have to collect the correct amount of each ingredient with the ladle to put into the mixture.

Our kids will feel like mini master chefs when organising the food. 

3. Seek-A-Boo By Mindware

These extra large cards can be used in various ways as memory cards or initially to teach our two year olds how to match or even recognise the images on the cards to use as new vocabulary.

Seek-A-Boo can be used both as a tabletop game or lots of cards placed on the floor to build cognitive and motor development.

Such a versatile game that can be used time and time again.

4. My Very First Games First Orchard By Haba

This board game has been around a while but is sure to get our kiddies attention and wanting to get all the family involved.

The solid wooden pieces are very hard wearing for those not so delicate hands of our smaller board game participants. 

5. Eric Carle 4-In-A-Box Puzzle Set By Mudpuppy World

As the Eric Carle books are such a success with my little girl, I figured the set of 4 puzzles were going to be a big hit too!

At two years old puzzles become part of the board game scene very quickly and will be used time and time again.

I like the white, simple background of each of the puzzles to make the puzzles easier for our toddlers to get the hang of. 

6. Roll & Play By Think Fun

A similar game to Monkey Around The Wiggle And Giggle Game as it encourages doing lots of actions and different movements.

The soft, large dice is great fun for our two year olds and you will probably find them playing with this dice away from the actual game by finding other creative ways to use it.

That’s the beauty of this age range as they become so inventive with their toys and games and they are a big pleasure to watch and play with. 

7. Here Fishy Fishy By Haba

Great for working on hand-eye coordination and concentration skills as our kids learn how to use a fishing rod and catching the various sea life in one of these board games for two year olds.

The game duration is only around five to ten minutes so is ideal for a starter board game for our littlies who still aren’t able to sit down for long.

This can be worked on over time as the board games are introduced. 

8. Don’t Break The Ice By Hasbro

Despite being recommended for 3years+ I think this game can be enjoyed by 2 year olds too.

The aim of the game is to take it in turns hitting out and ice cube out at a time and trying to keep the penguin on top of the ice cubes.

Even if our toddlers don’t want to play the original concept of the game, they sure will love using the hammer and watching the penguin fall. 

9. First 100 Words Activity Game By Briarpatch

It is crazy to see how many words our munchkins know already and how many they can learn so quickly.

They gain so much satisfaction when they remember the word on each of the cards.

I love these word cards just as I love the original First 100 Words Book too. 

10. Red Dog, Blue Dog By Orchard Toys

A bright colour matching game which our little two year olds will adore.

Learning colours at this age is something they will naturally start to do and becomes of interest to them.

The adorable addition of the images on the matching cards are perfect for learning new vocabulary while matching too.

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