Water Toys For Toddlers {Best Water Toys For Toddlers}

Water toys for our toddlers can be messy yet incredibly fun. 

Most toddlers love playing with water and are more than happy to soak themselves. 

Playing with water is particularly entertaining when the temperature starts to rise and our little ones can go crazy with the water whilst also cooling down. 

Although even the bad weather sometimes doesn’t stop our toddlers wanting to be Peppa Pig and jumping in muddy puddles.

Fun in the water can be had, whether it be in the bath at home, outside in the garden, at the swimming pool or even at the beach.

Get involved with your little fish’s water fun and be careful not to get more carried away than them 😉

It goes without saying that these water toys for toddlers can be used in multiple places and can be mixed and matched between the bath and outdoor fun.

Bath Toys

  1. Foam Bath Shapes

These shapes easily stick on to the side of the bath.

Our little toddlers can fish them out of the bath and put them into position with a great sense of pride.

The numbers and letters will help our kiddies to learn whilst having fun. It is a perfect opportunity for us mummies to get practising our Scrabble skills. 

How many words can you make with the letters?

  1. Color Me: Who’s In The Water Bath Book

I couldn’t speak highly enough about this book. 

My daughter loves to see the magic happen when the book changes from black and white to coloured when it touches the water. 

The various images inside are fabulous and such a great idea to keep our little ones in the bath that little bit longer. 

If my little girl is anything to go by, your children may want to carry this book around when they get out of the bath too!

There are also the following similar books;

  1. First Baby Days Bath Time

We have been using the bath book since around 3 months old and we love it!

Again the book changes from black and white to beautifully coloured water scenes.

Each page has a few sentences which we have been reading every single bath time. 

Just you wait and see how your baby and toddler reacts when you repeat the words “Splash, splash, splash,” written on each double page.

My little girl certainly knows the meaning of “Splash” as she very often shows me!

Svitlana has written a great article about Black and White Baby Books if you would like to have a read.

  1. Baby Shark Sing and Swim

OK, so you may love me and hate me at the same time with this little singing and swimming Baby Shark.

How can we all forget the Baby Shark song that must have been stuck in our heads at one point or another.

Apologises if I have now brought it back to you again but this little water toy definitely gets your toddlers smiling and bouncing up and down.

A happy child cancels out a parents dislike for this song, right?

Garden/ Outdoor Water Toys

  1. Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table

Perfect as a present to your little darlings for a birthday or a special holiday. 

A water table brings hours of fun outside splishing, splashing and getting as wet as possible. It comes with lots of tubes, pipes and interchangeable pieces so that the water can be moved in all kinds of directions. 

The options are never ending! 

An ideal addition to this water table could be some toy boats and sea creatures to allow your toddlers imagination to go crazy. (Both listed below)

  1. Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sea Creatures Set

Add the sea creatures into the water table to create an underwater scene for your little ones to see what lives in the deep blue sea.

Even without the water table, these cute sea creatures could be added to the bath or in a simple bucket of water to create the perfect sea recreation. 

  1. Playkidz Little Boat Train

The colourful boats can be stacked easily on top of each other and also made into a long connecting boat train.

Watch the delight of your toddlers as you ‘chug’ the boat train along in the water.

Each boat has a number and holes corresponding to the number.

Let the water run through the holes and allow your little ones to see the different speeds the water runs. 

  1. Paddling pool

This is without a doubt one of the best things I bought in summer time. 

We took it on holiday with us so we could feel confident allowing our daughter to play in the shallow water of the paddling pool. 

Nappy free and naked makes extremely happy little water kiddies. 

It could also be filled with balls to create your very own ball pit indoors or outdoors.

Beach water toys

  1. Classic Beach Set

There’s nothing much better than a simple bucket and spade set ready to hit the beach and build the biggest and best sand castles around.

Let’s not forget the big sand holes filled with water.  

The beach set is something which can be kept and used for years to come. 

Maybe it’s best having two of these as we all know how competitive sand castle and construction making can become with your little ones. 

  1. SkipHop Zoo Stack and Pour Buckets

5 Super fun pour buckets that make for the perfect wet play at the beach. 

Our kids can sit and refill these buckets again and again whilst keeping themselves cool on the shore. 

The handles allow for the buckets to be easily carried along by our toddlers. 

There is nothing more satisfying for them than carrying the buckets themselves like a grown-up. 

  1. Melissa & Doug Seaside Funnel

It can be filled with either water or sand- both equally as enjoyable to see.

Watch as the shapes spin, turn and twist as the water or sand moves down the funnel. 

Great for our little ones to learn to refill and improve their coordination as the funnel empties.

  1. Fishing Set

The magnetic fish and fishing rods are such a fun game for us to play together. 

The magnets make the fishing easier to do for our little beach babes. 

Be warned, for such little players, they can become oh-so-competitive to catch all those fish!! 

This set is ideal to be used at home in the bath tub as well- win, win!

Take a look at our article Outdoor Activities For Toddlers for fun activities to keep your little ones in the great outdoors.

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Ultimate Water Toy List For Toddlers

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