27 Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers Under $10 They Will Love!

There are so many Christmas present ideas and stocking stuffers for toddlers on the market that sometimes it can become a little overwhelming and make the decision even more difficult.

As the saying goes less is more.

We have created a list of stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers which all cost less than $10.

27 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers That Cost $10 or Less

They are small enough to fit in those traditional stockings ready to put at the end of our toddlers’ bed whilst at the same time being gifts that they really will love to play with.

We all want to make their Christmas’ special and expensive, excessive presents don’t always mean they will use more than one of our stocking stuffers.

You may have a small lightbulb moment when you see our list and wonder how you didn’t think of such simple ideas already. 

1. Stickers 

Melissa & Doug Reusuable Puffy Sticker-Farm

 Alphabet & Shapes Gel Clings

Toddlers absolutely love picking off stickers from the original piece of paper and sticking them anywhere and everywhere.

It is also highly likely that you will end up covered in stickers too.

Reusable stickers are the way forward to make this gift idea more resistant and stop those strong little fingers from tearing them up. 

2. Flashlight

Floating Waterproof Flashlight

Melissa & Doug Flash Firefly Bug Flashlight

So many fun adventures can be had with a flashlight.

Our toddlers will love the simplest of ideas such as turning off the lights in the room during the evening and creating your very own flashlight party.

Have a look at our article full of songs to get your toddlers moving and grooving at said party.

Why not ask your toddlers to find something in the dark room with the flashlight. When they are younger you could point at the object with the light and they say what it is- great for helping language development!

3. Magic Wand

Magician’s Magic Wand

Light Up Wizard Wand

We all love to bring a bit of fantasy and magic tricks in our day to day life.

Teach your toddlers how to say “Abracadabra” and cast a magic spell.

Things may even strangely disappear with this special wand.

Our kiddies will love to create all kinds of weird and wonderful magic spells with this.

4. Magnets

Alphabet Wooden Magnets

Melissa & Doug Animal Magnets

Magnets are some of the best gift ideas to keep your little one entertained if you need to prepare anything in the kitchen.

They can easily spend lots of time putting the magnets in position, moving them around and taking them off on repeat.

Try going around the house and learning with your little munchkins which surfaces the magnets will stick to. 

5. Magnetic Wand

Mr Chips Magnetic Wand

Mr Chips Magnetic Wand and Metal Ringed Chips

A special wand that attracts all kinds of objects towards it.

Another game which can take you all around the house finding as many different things that will stick to the wand.

You could even go on outdoor adventures with the magnetic wand to see if you can find some very special treasure whether that be on the beach, in the woods or at the park. 

6. Tongs

Learning Resources Helping Hands Tool Set

Multi Coloured Set Of Tongs

If you’re thinking why on earth would our toddlers want a set of tongs in their stocking then think again…These fun tongs are so under evaluated as a toy!

They are such a good toy for working on hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and pincer grasp.

Who knew a simple movement game of trying to grasp different objects could be so much fun for all.

7. Bubbles

Sunny Days 6 Pack Of Bubbles

Whale Bubble Machine 

Jumping around blowing bubbles and seeing how many bubbles can be popped is one of my favourite activities with my daughter.

The moment she sees the bubbles her face lights up with joy.

The iridescent, changing colours of the bubbles in different lights and seeing them blow away in various directions is just pure magic.

The competitive side always comes out when we try and see how many bubbles we can pop before they disappear.

8.Glowing stars

Glow In The Dark Stars

3D Glow In The Dark Stars

Do you have memories of glowing stars put on your bedroom ceiling or walls when you were a child? Me too!

The glowing stars are a magical way of bringing the twinkling bright stars from outdoors in.

They are a beautiful addition ready for a relaxing night time routine and reading some bedtime stories under the stars.

Find our favourite bedtime stories here.

The stars are a cute night light solution too which may well help our toddlers sleep some more…it’s worth a try right!

9. Stamps 

Jungle Safari Stampers

Wooden Handle Stamps

Stamps are a wonderful way of encouraging our cheekys monkeys creativity and allowing them to freely express themselves whilst stamping away.

You probably never realised how many times the same piece of A4 paper could be stamped until you watched your son or daughter stamp.

The stamps can be used to help mommy send some very important letters with an extra special stamp added. 

10. Balloons

Neon Punch Balloons

Zoo Animal Balloons

Toddlers love balloons!

The excitement of throwing them up in the air and chasing after them, or even pulling it around on a string like a little puppy on a lead.

There is a reason that all amusement parks have a stand selling all kinds of weird and wonderful balloons because they know that us parents won’t be able to say no to our kiddies when we pass by. 

11. Fidget toy 

Fisher Price Fidget Cube

Fidget Sensory Cube

The clue is in the name of this toy if you haven’t already heard of this genius small toy.

We have previously recommended the fidget toys as a fantastic Sensory Toy For Toddlers.

A fidget toy can actually be found for adults too as it prevents anxiety, relieves stress and stops any ‘fidgeting’ by using our hands to press, slide, twist, click and manoeuvre this toy around. 

12. Pocket book

Pocket Koala

Pocket Puppy

They really are books small enough to fit inside a pocket!

The super cute animal shaped mini books are ideal for taking on their travels or using as a little travel pet when out of the house.

The animal design makes the books turn into an affectionate item for our toddlers that they will want to take everywhere with them.

There are lots of different animals for you to choose based on your little ones favourite animals. 

13. Bath squirt toys

Finding Nemo Bath Toys

Munchkin Ocean Squirts

Toddlers get the biggest thrills from trying to wet mommy and daddy with these bath squirt toys.

The moment they see the shock of us becoming all wet is complete and utter delight for them.

Having different sea characters in the bath to play with and have them swimming around during bath time is always a fantastic way of keeping our energetic toddlers in the bath that little bit longer.

14. Play Doh

10 Play Doh Colours

Play Doh Party Bag 

On the days when you just don’t feel like being a domestic goddess and making your own Play Doh for your kiddies, the ready made pots are the perfection solution.

The pots keep them soft ready to be used over and over again for a quick-think activity.

Play Doh will always be guaranteed to keep them entertained and ready to get creative. 

If you fancy making your very own play dough, follow our super simple instructions here which also gives great play dough play ideas.

15. Bath Crayons

Nuby Bath Crayons

Sud Smart Bath Crayons

A perfect trick to keep the mess of colouring in one place (in the bath).

Our messy munchkins will have a blast turning the beautifully clean bath into a multi-coloured masterpiece.

Luckily for us it won’t be that much work cleaning up after.

These bath crayons are great for working on their hand work and trying to grasp a crayon in the right way in order to colour.

You could draw something on the bath and get them to try and say the word.

16. Whistle

Schylling Wood Slide Whistle

Solid Wood Train Whistle

Sorry mummy’s this will hurt your ears and you will have a love/ hate relationship with this gift idea.

The love will be coming from our toddlers and the hate will more than likely be coming from anyone who is in ears length of this toy.

Our cheeky monkeys will be running around the house blowing the whistle as hard as they can once they figure how to do it.

Join in the madness and find something to make a loud noise with too!

17. Harmonica

Koogel Colorful Harmonica

Hohner Kids Harmonica 

Music is always a good idea!

Our toddlers love moving and grooving to music and the harmonica is an opportunity for them to keep involved even further.

There may be a few out of tune notes to be heard but this practising may very well lead to  a future musician on our hands. 

If you want to start your very own band at home with your little ones check out our Awesome Musical Instruments suggestions.

18. Cars

Funcorn Pullback Toy Cars

Mini Monster Trucks

Sometimes cars are presumed to be a toy for boys which in my opinion is silly as everyone from boys to girls and young toddlers to old grandparents can have fun playing with these.

A simple game of seeing how far your car will go brings so many giggles.

Add the sound effects too and this game will be played on repeat for a long time!

19. Magnifying Glass

Hape Nature Detective Magnifying Glass

Large Magnifying Glass

Busatia LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass

For a few extra bucks you can get LED illuminated magnifying glass for even more fun. You can always remove the batteries if you don’t want the light feature and keep it for when you toddler is a little bit older.

Always curious toddlers will LOVE exploring the world around them even in more detail. Magnifying glasses will give them an opportunity to see the unseen, to question, to learn and admire even usual things.

20. Glow Sticks

It’s My Year Glow Stick Tube Pack (100-Piece)

I don’t think this one needs a lot of advertising. With a pack of 100 glow sticks you can make just anything! Bracelets, necklaces, glasses, fun figures. Put them in the bottle to make colorful sensory bottles and even fill the tub with water, throw the glow sticks in and turn the light off!

21. Dance Scarves

Dance Scarves 12-Pack

Girls will love this dance scarves that can be used not only for dancing! Wrap dolls, make wings, dress up, room decor and so much more.

22. Road Car Tape

PlayTape Black Road

If dance scarves are (mostly) for girls road car tapes will make boys squeal with delight.

23. Bath Books

Melissa & Doug Float Alongs: Playfun Penguin

You can also get Floating Ducks and Floating Dolphins versions.

Color Changing Bath Book: Who’s In The Water?

Have more fun and more reading time with a good bath book. You can pick one that comes with floating bath toys and one that changes colors when dipped in the water.

Looking for more bath toys ideas?

CHECK ALSO: The BEST Water Toys For Toddlers

24. Puzzles

Melissa & Doug Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Chunky Puzzle

HABA Baby Farm Animals

Wooden Animal Puzzles – 6 Pack

This gorgeous wooden puzzle set is a bit of beyond the $10 mark.

But you can easily share it between siblings so that each would cost you less than $4. If you want to gift 2 puzzles to each toddler, 6-pack puzzle is enough for 3 kids. And they absolutely LOVE them.

Looking for more puzzle ideas for babies and young toddlers?

CHECK ALSO: Best Puzzles For 1 Year Olds And Why They Are Important

25. Pom Poms

1.5 Inch Assorted Color Pom Poms (100 pieces)

Things you can do with pom poms? Endless! Arts, crafts, posting activities and simply tossing them in the bin (or all around) just to name a few.

RELATED: 12+ Posting Activities For Babies & Toddlers

26. Water Colors

Washable Water Color Paint Set With Brush

27. Color Paddles

Learning Resources Primary Science Color Paddles

These simple Color Paddles guarantee hours of fun. Your toddler will enjoy looking through them, combining them and creating different colors, lay them out on the table like a rainbow and whatever else their imagination will call for. Amazing toy/resource for open-ended play.

Did you save a couple of ideas to your Holiday shopping list?
What stocking fillers do you think your little one will appreciate the most?

Happy Holidays!

27 Toddler Favorite Stocking Stuffers Under $10

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