12 + Posting Activities For Babies & Toddlers

These simple posting activities require zero to very minimal set up and they do magic to those little hands working on their fine motor skills.

Most of the posting materials also make an interesting, unique sound when dropping them in the container which give an auditory stimulation they young kids LOVE.

Here’s a list of our favorite posting activities starting from 10 months old.
You baby might be interested in them earlier or later and that all is totally fine.

As long as you follow your little ones interest and let them try new things along the way you’ll set them up to quite harmonious play.

And for them, play=learn.

Posting Activities For Babies  – 10 months +

Close supervision is required at all times.
Remove material immediately after use in a secure place. Make sure they are not accessible to the child in free use, especially with mouthing babies.

Straw Posting

Use an old oatmeal container or formula tin. Cut out a few holes a little bit bigger than the diameter of the straws you’re planning to use.

My straws are on the biggie side, about half an inch diameter like these ones since this what I already had on hand. But next time around I’d be getting the sturdy paper one, same big diameter like these ones.

I’ve cut sharp ends off of all straws and then cut each in half.

Ball Drop

Same good old oatmeal container, that by the way, you can make pretty by wrapping and hot-glueing a color paper around it. Cut a hole in the center of the lid, slightly larger than the size of the balls.

Feed The Bear (Pasta Posting Activity)

Use 2.5-3 inch high carton box (it should be higher than the size of pasta). Print out an animal face, glue it to the box, let dry.
Cut out an opening in the mouth large enough to fit the pasta shape.

I got my free bear printable here made by Jady Alvarez. She also has a lot of simple educational materials on her website for 1 year olds and up.

Cork Posting

I guess you already know the drill.

Old container with a plastic lid + wine corks =  Fine Motor Activity that your baby will love.

Extra benefits of this activity comes that you have to do your work prepping the supplies (wine corks). You know what I’m saying 😉

Nut Posting

You can do with a couple of variations.

Use either a container with a plastic lid as above OR use a plastic bottle with large neck.

Last option really requires ZERO set up.

Just make sure you hand pick the nuts that can fit IN the bottle and that can be taken OUT of the bottle.

If the nuts have a slightly alongated shape it’s best to choose a bottle with an opening that’s large enough to fit the widest side of the nut.

With the nuts being of a kind of oval shapes also comes an extra challenge for posting them, finding the right angle to fit them i

Pompom Posting

Classic pompom posting activity that I’m sure you already know about. You can use one of the containers you already prepped for one of the previous posting activities.

Posting Activities For Toddlers – 13 months +

Q-Tip Posting

There’s more than just one way to set up this activity.

Spice container + Q-tips

IKEA ORDNING Utentil Holder + Q-tips ←- this is what I used.

You can also use a collander with large holes or other similar kitchen gadget that you already have.

There’s a very similar activity set uo with a egg carton and Q-Tips. For some reason I feel somewhat uncomfortable using an egg carton with young babies for obvious hygiene reasons.

But egg cartons are certainly a great recycled material to use with older kids!

Skewer/Spaghetti Posting

Again more than one set up option here.

Kitchen Collander + Wood Skewers Cut in 2 or 3 parts (sharp tip removed!)

I use IKEA GRUNDVATTNET Colander. And you can also use it for other fine motor activities like this one.

I also switch the set up with a piece from IKEA Toy Cookware Set to add novelty.

You get the idea. No need to purchase anything special, just take a look around your house and improvise.

An an alternative to skewers we also use large bucatini pasta. Make sure to remove all sharp edges after you break it into smaller pieces and like with all the rest of the activities keep a close eye on your little one and remove immediately after use.

Book Posting

Large carton box + small books = Fun fine motor and book activity at the same time.

You will not notice how your little one will go from depositing the books in the hole to actually flapping and engaging with a book itself.

You can also decorate the box with wrapping paper.

Lids/Caps Posting

You can use a carton box or a plastic container. I’ve seen some smart mommies also use an old tupperware container.

With this activity you can also introduce shape sorting (big and small).

Make 2 cuts of different size and add 2 bottle caps or lids of matching sizes.

Now, you little one might just push everything the the large hole and that’s ok.

Just as with every activity, model and spend some time showing and talking through the steps.

Popsicle Stick Posting

This posting activity is great not only for fine motor skill but also for color matching.

Use a shallow box, make incision cuts with a craft knife. Insert a popsicle stick in each hole to widen the hole to fit the popsicle stick. If you make a large cut the popsicle stick won’t hold well in place.

I like to use 4 colors and 3 lines. Taking out just the 2 lines and leaving the 3rd line for color matching.

Card Posting

Another popular activity with a recycled container.

Cut the opening in the lid, add plastic cards, play.

Tea Bag Posting

Very similar to card posting and book posting but with a different material. This activity also requires wrist rotation, concentration and hand-eye coordination.

Now over to you!
What are your child favorite fine motor posting activities and have yiu tried any of the above?

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know!

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12 Posting Activities For Babies & Toddlers

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