About Us

Hi Mommy’s,

We thought we better introduce ourselves so you can put a face to the names that you see on our articles.

We are Svitlana and Hannah and both became first-time mommy’s three days apart in April 2019.

As fate had it, we met each other around a month before our due dates on a tour of the hospital and instantly felt like we had known each other forever.

From that day onwards we have been sharing tips, ideas, how we are feeling and just the everyday simple “How are you?” to help us on our mommy journey together. 

In our opinion there is never too much you can read about our teeny-tiny babies developing into walking, crawling, talking kids which is where the idea of creating Mommy Baby Play derived- a space full of ideas, recommendations and two crazy mommies who never get bored of this subject.

We would love to share with you all what we have found works for us in the hope that it can also help you fellow mommy’s.

We would also love nothing more than hearing from you all about your personal tips, hacks and things that have worked for you too.

We hope you enjoy spending time on our website and can relate to our honest experiences, opinions and ideas.

Sending lots of mommy love and power,

Hannah and Svitlana x

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