How To Make Edible Finger Paint {Babies, Toddlers & Kids Will Love }

Edible finger paint is suitable for babies, toddlers and older kids to have heaps of fun with whilst not having to worry if it ends up in their mouths.

Messy play brings pure delight to our little ones as it is basically a nod from mummy to do something which they wouldn’t normally be able to do.

This paint is ideal for using on fingers as it remains slightly thicker than ‘regular’ paint using just two ingredients.

The paints can be used from around the weaning age, for many years to come.

Edible finger paint is sensory heaven and kids will love feeling the sensation of the paint going between their fingers and on the palm of their hands.
This makes it a perfect activity to create some exciting homemade art with all the important benefits of sensory play.

Benefits Of Finger Painting

Art activities for children are very important for brain development and allows our little ones to express themselves through the art that they create.

Other benefits of using the finger paints are;

  • Allows our children to express their feelings and emotions without words. Certain colours can express happiness such as yellow, anger can be expressed with the colour red and green could be anger or envy.

Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book Of Feelings is a fantastic book to read to our toddlers and children to help understands feelings through colour.

  • By using various colours they can learn what colours are created from mixing two or more colours together. Doing this with their very own fingers will give them a great amount of satisfaction.
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination when they are deciding for themselves what should be featured in their piece of art. Our little artists can be very easily inspired by what they have seen outdoors whilst walking or illustrations within their books for example.
  • Focuses on the process not the product (Check out our following fantastic Process Art articles;

Low Mess Process Art For Toddlers

Rain Boot Printing {Process Art For Chilly Days}

  • Uses different senses at once; touch, smell, sound. 
  • Improves fine motor skills by building both finger and hand muscles 

Ingredients For Edible Finger Paint

  1. Two heaped dinner spoons of greek yoghurt
  1. Large squeeze of gel food colouring ( quantity can be adjusted depending on the intensity of the colour) 

Note: liquid food colouring can also be used

Equipment For Activity

  • Pots to make the edible finger paint
  • Spoon for mixing ingredients
  • Paintbrushes to put paint onto hands/fingers
  • Sponges as an alternative painting method
  • Paper/ Cardboard for the art
  • Apron to protect kids clothing

Steps To Make Edible Finger Paint

  • Place two heaped dinner spoons of greek yoghurt into each paint pot
  • Squeeze gel food colouring into the pot and mix with spoon
  • Place Pots into the fridge for roughly 30mins to add a further sensory aspect to the activity by making them cool

Edible Finger Paint

edible finger paint

Edible finger paint is suitable from around the age of 6months old when babies start to wean all the way up to kids. Kids love getting messy and this fun finger painting activity will be no exception for messy play.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes


  • Full Fat Greek Yoghurt
  • Gel Food Colouring


  1. Add 2 heaped tablespoons of full fat greek yoghurt into a paint pot.
  2. Mix a large squeeze of gel food colouring into the yoghurt and stir well.
  3. Place finished paints into fridge for approximately 30mins to add an extra cold sensory sensation to the activity.


Liquid food colouring can also be used.

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    1. Great idea! If there is a thick layer of paint remaining on the pumpkin, yes I would gently dab it down so not to take away from your son’s paint design and it will allow for it to dry easier/faster.

  1. The artwork made will dry & keep well like regular paint? I’m wanting to let my 6 month old paint some keepsakes.

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