Teething Toys {15 Teething Toys And Ideas For Babies And Toddlers}

Teething toys are nothing short of lifesavers when our precious little ones are suffering badly with those naughty teeth and sore gums.

Teething can start within the first few months of our babies lives or even a little later in their first year. 

These moments are anything but easy for both our babies/ toddlers and us parents.

A lack of sleep and lots of crying can sometimes drive us to despair however with these teething toys, they give some relief and ease those difficult times.

Teething can be an unsettling time and can change our little darlings characters for a short while.

I have often wondered “When will I be getting my little girl back?”

Be rest assured that the struggle seems never ending BUT sooner or later our cheeky, happy babies/toddlers will be back in full force.

During this ‘struggle’ anything and everything is worth a try.

Take a look at these and see which you like the sound of to help overcome the teething terror. 

1. Sophie the giraffe

This cute rubber giraffe is made from a non-toxic, natural rubber which is perfect for our little ones to take their teething anger out on.

It is easy to grip and allows our babies/toddlers to hold on to for dear life.

Sophie is very ‘trendy’ and I had my doubts that it would be more of a fashion item than useful.

However I eat my words- it really is fab!

2. Nuby Ice Gel Teething Keys

Absolutely worth their weight in gold!

These keys have personally been one of the best purchases for us.

It is recommended to put the keys in the fridge so the refreshing gel soothes their gums.

Why not put them in the freezer and keep them cooler for longer when removed?! 

3. Matchstick Monkey

Funky, fun and functional!

This teething toy is perfectly apt for my daughter as I’m always calling her a ‘little monkey’ as her cheeky personality is starting to shine through.

I’m pretty sure you can relate to this, right?!

The monkey has a bumpy surface on the back of its head which works wonders to massage inside the teething baby/toddlers mouth.

4. Stadela Baby Soothing Teething Mittens

How many times have you caught your son/daughter with their hands stuffed in their mouth?

It often amazes me how such a ‘small’ mouth can fit their hands straight in!

The teething mittens can be easily placed on so they can chew away plus preventing them from scratching themselves-bonus!

The velcro secures them down to stop any frustrated teething meltdowns if they fly off.

5. Ity Bity Teething Necklace For Mum

How many times has your irritated, frustrated little teether grabbed the first thing in sight and put it straight in their mouth?

My daughter certainly has an uncountable amount of times.

During this testing stage, our babies and toddlers prefer to stay in mummy’s lap and get all the extra cuddles for comfort which is why this teething necklace is perfect.

It looks like a regular pretty necklace that mummy can wear but doubles up to allow our little ones to get that relief and massage their gums.

Mummy has a little present for herself too which she definitely deserves!!

6. Green Sprouts Teether Tower

Two toys in one. 5 Teething toys and a stacking tower all in one.

The stacking tower is a wonderful game to practise the ever- improving skills and coordination of our kiddies.

We have a fabulous article full of our favourite stacking toys for both babies and toddlers.

The various sizes, textures and colours of each teething ring is ideal for our teething terrors to decide for themselves.

Place them in the fridge for extra help soothing those nasty pains.

7. Nuby Vibrating Octopus Teether

A cheeky looking octopus that vibrates to give that extra bit of help to our kiddies.

They will probably look ever so slightly bemused when they first feel this unusual movement.

Once they get the hang of using the octopus, it will be very satisfying for them and you may even catch a little giggle!

8. Oli & Carol Chewable Banana Toy

I love the fun design of this teething toy which has proven the perfect size for helping soothe those pesky molar teeth coming through.

This teether could well be used to play supermarket when our toddlers enjoy role-play games.

There are no holes in this banana which means no mold or bad bacterias getting inside the toy, making it easy to clean.

9. Little BamBam Giraffe Teething Toy

A great shaped teething toy which can be turned upside and at all kinds of angles to reach the painful areas in our little ones mouths.

There are lots of bumps and 3D areas on this giraffe to stimulate your infants when they haven’t got it in their mouths.

10. Calmies Teether Ball

Not only a teether but a fab sensory toy for babies and toddlers.

It it the perfect shape for babies to learn how to grasp and later roll around have tons of fun.

If you are looking for other sensory toy ideas for babies click here and for toddlers click here

Teething Toys and Ideas for Babies Already Started Weaning

11. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

This contraption is wonderful for babies that have already started weaning.

Put some tasty fruit inside these feeders and place into the freezer.

Our little ones will love the coolness whilst having amazing bursts of flavour from the different fruit.

It is a great way to explore various fruits too during the weaning process.

12. Ice Cubes

Plain simple ice cubes should not be knocked until tried.

You can simply put some ice cubes into a bowl and let your son/daughter free.

Other than the obvious help with their growing teeth, they will love to explore the sensations of the ice cubes amongst their teeny tiny fingers. 

You do need to give a little extra attention when giving the ice cubes to your toddlers for obvious chocking risks.

13. Toothbrush

This discovery actually came by chance.

My little explorer found a new toothbrush in our bathroom cupboard as she was emptying it for the tenth time that day.

There was no doubt it was going in her mouth!

We have found she loves to bite down on the end with the back of her mouth.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to get her practicing ‘brushing’ her teeth when she’s slightly older

14. Cucumber sticks

Cucumber sticks

Cucumber is a refreshing, healthy snack for our babies that are starting to wean.

It is incredible to see how they handle a cucumber stick from such a young age.

If the cucumber is washed well, the skin can actually be left on and watch how they choose the inside part to eat first.

This snack is excellent during those troubling teething days.

If all else fails I can always rely on giving my little one this to gnaw down on.

15. Homemade Ice Lollies

As by now you have probably guessed, cool things work small miracles for our teething little ones.

Before my little princess was born, I bought some ice lolly moulds to create my own for the warmer months.

They have become very useful even now for my little girls teething problems.

You can add yoghurt or fruit with water to these moulds and simply freeze.

Our favourite is strawberry yoghurt and are a hit for both mummy and our teething, teary ones.

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Best Toys & Ideas For Teething Babies & Toddlers

What handy teething solutions have you found work wonders?

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