12 Stacking Toys For Babies And Toddlers

How can such simple looking toys such as stacking toys really have so many beneficial factors for our babies and toddlers you may ask?

Well check out this list here:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Balancing Skills
  • Spatial Intelligence: cultivates child’s cognitive colour, line and spatial structure
  • Kinesthetic Intelligence: doing things themselves can improve knowledge and memory
  • Logical Intelligence: all kinds of shapes build intelligence and develop creativity
Top 12 Stacking Toys For Babies & Toddlers

Stacking Toys For Babies

1. Fisher Price Rock-A-Stack

Start off simple and work your way to the top in both senses.

This starter stacker is great for using the wonderful rings which our babies can shake around and learn to use their grip initially.

The rings are perfect for playing peekaboo through the centre and gaining some big smiles from our cuties.

2. Sassy Stack Of Circles Stacking Ring

The variety of rings on this stacker are fantastic for sensory play with different textures, patterns and the obvious variation of sizes too.

The varying textures range from squishy to bumpy to rattle beaded.

These make it that little bit easier for our babies to grab hold of and get fully involved in the fun. 

3. Nuby Bathtime Fun Splish Splash Cups

As we mentioned in our Sensory Toys For Babies Article these Nuby bath cups are some of our favourite stacking toys.

They are simple but lots of fun is to be had with these.

They can be used during bath time for sprinkling and pouring the water at all kinds of speeds.

We can show our babies how to stack the cups too on the side of the bath when we have finished.

4. Green Sprouts Teether Tower

A stacking tower which doubles up as teething rings to help with those difficult moments when our babies are growing their first teeth.

The rings are perfect for putting in the fridge to ease those sore gums.

I love that it doesn’t just have one use and our little ones can practise their everything growing skills even if they need to take a pause to have a good chew.

Take a look at our Teething Toys And Ideas For Babies & Toddlers article here.

5.Lamaze Rainbow Stacking Rings

A soft alternative to most other stacking rings which gives our babies free run of being able to practise their throwing skills without hurting anyone in the process.

We all know that our cheeky monkeys thoroughly enjoy throwing things around. 

6. Fat Brains Toys Tobbles Neo

A wibbly wobbly looking tower that actually stands up just perfectly.

These unusually shaped stackers remind me of coloured cracked eggs- is it just me that sees that?

This stacking toy is recommended from 6months onwards but I definitely think it would also be used well into their toddler age.

Great for working on balancing skills.

Stacking Toys For Toddlers

1. Djeco Nest And Stack Blocks

Super cute blocks which can be used for lots of activities; stacking the blocks, role play putting the animals to bed in their house, learning animals and noises & learning numbers.

Our toddlers will really enjoy being creative with this set of stacking blocks, especially using the animal models!

2. Melissa & Doug Stack And Sort Board

This wooden board is a good investment toy for our toddlers from around 1 year of age.

Initially they can place the shapes on whichever pole they like without attempting to put it in any kind of order.

This will work wonders for their fine motor skills.

Once they get the hang of the game, you can start helping them put each shape on the correctly coloured pole.

It could also be used for teaching colours and shapes.

3. Fat Brain Toys Stacking Train

This isn’t just a train, it’s a stacking toy, building blocks, a pull toy, a puzzle toy and everything else!

This is the prime example of a toy that can grow with our children and can be used for years to come.

Our toddlers can really allow their minds to explore and create lots of different options on how to use this toy.

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4. Dreampark Wooden Stacking Shapes

This is definitely for the more advanced stackers who have had a little practice beforehand but their fine motor skills will be on point once they master this.

The difficulty level is higher because of the holes in each of the shapes which need to be perfectly aligned to fit on the stacking poles. 

5. Le Toy Van Wooden Forest Stacker

A super cool way of using animals to create a stacking tower.

Our toddlers will need to find a way to stack the animals on top of each other without them falling over.

We can make the practising part fun too even if the animals fall to the ground numerous times.

Add some dramatic noises when they fall and laugh along with your little munchkin.

6. GEMEM Wooden Rainbow Stacker

I can imagine that there is a large chance that most of you reading this will have seen a rainbow stacker on one of those perfectly decorated kids bedrooms that never gets messy, right?

Well this pretty rainbow display piece actually has a good use too.

It can be made into many different forms of stacking towers.

Let’s see how creative you and your toddler can get.

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