11 Non-Toxic Bath Toys For Babies & Toddlers (Mold Free Bath Toys!)

Non-toxic bath toys that will also be mold free is something that we are all in the search of when looking to buy some bath toys for our babies and toddlers.

Nasty dirt and grime can very easily be hidden inside those ‘classic’ bath toys such as the ducks which squirt water or any of the toys which have holes for the water to enter inside.

Although it may seem that all water has been squeezed out at the end of bath time, there is always some kind of residue and build up left inside which leads to dirty, moldy bath toys.

Non-Toxic Bath Toys for Babies & Toddlers

This list of non-toxic bath toys/ mold free bath toys are the perfect solutions to avoid any unwanted dangers for our kiddies and one less thing for us mummies to worry about.

Bath toys are a wonderful addition to bath time with our little ones and will bring so much joy and excitement to the daily routine.

Our munchkins won’t be wanting to get out of the bath because they’ll be having so much fun!

These non-toxic/ mold free bath toys will be used for the first few years of our children’s lives and they will find different ways for each toy to be used as they grow.

Just think how many times a week, month, year we bath our cheeky munchkins which means these toys will definitely be used enough times to get our moneys worth.


1. ZuzaMilo Animal Foam Shapes

These gorgeous animal shapes are perfect for sticking on the bath and learning all the names of the animals whilst making the loudest, craziest noises.

This super cute set also comes with a storage bag to attach onto the bath to help these cheeky little animals dry off too.

2. SkipHop Stack And Pour Buckets

I love the fun faces on these stacking buckets which can be used in so many ways; stacking, pouring, splashing water on mummy and daddy….take your pick!

Although they are under the category of bath toys, these can also be just as fun indoors or outdoors.

Our toddlers will love carrying them around as if it’s their pride and joy- so adorable!

I have also recommended these SkipHop toys in our Water Toys For Babies & Toddlers here.

There are so many stacking toys which could be another great addition to your infant and toddlers toy collection. Check it out here.  

3. Ubbi Cloud and Droplet Bath Toy

What’s so special about these bath toys you might be wondering?! Unlike most squirt toys these can actually be pulled apart to be cleaned or even better put into the dishwasher.

There will be no need to worry about any build up of mold and dirtiness inside the toys during playtime in the bath.

There will be a big rainstorm happening during bath time very soon. 

4. Honeysticks Beeswax BathTub Crayons

It’s a mummy’s dream- our children can colour and make a mess until their heart’s content without us having to worry about the aftermath.

The 100% natural bath crayons are super easy to clean and our cheeky monkeys will absolutely love getting artistic during bath time.

They will have the feeling of doing something that perhaps they shouldn’t normally be doing which will make them an even bigger success.

5. Munchkin Bath Bobbers

No holes for any nasties to stay inside and leaves this cute polar bear and penguin bobbing through the bath water.

Our babies and toddlers will find it hilarious if you put the toys under the water and let them go so they POP up very quickly.

Add sound effects and you will be doing this on repeat for many many times.

Our munchkins just won’t be able to get enough!

6. Little Additions Soft Bath Toys

The water creatures are ideal for babies as they are super soft and are great bathtime hugging companions.

The toys are the perfect material to be used as tossing toys too without having to worry about any little injuries.

Our little ones will get some giggles as the creatures float back to them through the water. 

7. Boon Water Creatures Floating Bath Toys & Net

Get your little kiddies starting early with some fishing practice and their very own bath net.

The fishing doesn’t have to be limited to the 3 water creatures that come within the set but can be used with all other bath friends joining your son/daughter in the water. 

8. Ubbi Boat & Buoys Bath Toys

I don’t know about my daughter but I would like each and everyone of the Ubbi bath non-toxic bath toys.

They are just a breath of fresh air from your everyday bath toy and have something slightly differently with each one.

This is a cross between a boat and a stacking toy.

The buoys fit in perfectly with the nautical bath theme and your little ones will love finding many uses for this toy. 

9. First Baby Days Bath Time Bath Book

This was our first bath book purchase and is my favourite starter book which can be used for both babies and toddlers in various ways.

Bath books are such a fantastic way of combining bath time fun with educational reading.

Our kids will be amazed by the changing of colour from a black and white to a coloured book.

Take a look at our other favourite Bath Books For Toddlers And Babies.

10. Barnyard Bath Book

 Ideal for toddlers which has a great message within the book.

The barnyard animals are seen washing and cleaning themselves which will (hopefully) encourage our monkeys to wash themselves too.

By washing the animals in the book they will change to a wonderful coloured image.

11. Munchkin Float And Play Bubbles Bath Toy

Bath bubbles or balls, however you want to call these fun bath toys are fab for stimulating our baby’s senses during bath time.

They can be shaken to make a rattling sound whilst also featuring cute bath animals.

The balls can be used to splash, thrown against the side of the bath and plunged underwater to see how it bounces back with the gravity. 

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