Best Sensory Toys for Toddlers {Sensory Toys for 1 year old}

Sensory toys for toddlers are a continuous stimulation and are a perfect way to encourage them to build on their motor skills whilst having fun.

Playing with a variety of sensory toys can help develop both their fine motor skills such as writing when they are older to their gross motor skills such as jumping and climbing.

Our eating, pooping, sleeping babies have become toddlers overnight and are in need of extra stimulation and entertainment.

At one year old, our little ones are full of life and very often on the move at a lightning speed.

They want to explore what the world has to offer and of course touch every-single-thing-in sight!!! 

As well as still using our favourite toys from babies, mentioned in the Sensory toys for babies post, it is the perfect time to add to our collection.

Sensory toys for toddlers help build on their wonderful interaction and growth.

Sensory Toys For 1 Year Old Toddlers

Wooden Sensory Toys For Toddlers

  1. Activity Cube

This activity cube is great as a first birthday present idea.

It is only from around one year old that our little ones start to take more notice of these fantastic activity cubes.

The cube can easily be placed on top of a table so our toddlers are able to stand up whilst keeping their busy hands occupied and working on their hand-eye coordination.

The beads, wooden blocks and especially the movement of the cogs leave our kiddies mesmerised.

This wooden activity cube is a toy which can grow with our children.

It has six diverse activities on the sides such as number counting and a manual clock to be able to learn to tell the time in a few years.

The wooden structure is strong and solid – perfect for a powerful, destruction-attempting toddler!

2. Crocodile Xylophone

The crocodile has a number of uses, from playing the xylophone to hitting the balls out of their ‘homes.’

The xylophone can be removed so it is a seperate instrument.

The kiddies hammer is great because we can use it on lots and lots of different objects, not just this particular toy. 

The older our children are getting, the more fun they have trying to use their coordination to hit the instrument on their own and try and make the balls fall out underneath.

This xylophone is aesthetically pleasing too so could look great in the babies bedroom on display- bonus! 

I have linked a similar toy below.

3. Time2Play Wooden Musical Instruments– Perfect for both babies and toddlers.

Watch the satisfaction on our toddlers faces as they discover how to bang, shake, click and jingle their musical set.

Once they start, they won’t stop!

A family band practise is always a good idea to see who can make the most noise.

My bets are on the smallest member of the family.

Musical & Sounds Sensory Toys For Toddlers

4. Musical mat

Prepare your ears!

This piano style musical mat is such fun and very visually pleasing for our little ones with the animals and numbers.

There are different musical keys which they can learn to press with their hands, feet and nappy-padded bums.

The varied settings allow for different songs to be played and different animal noises to be heard.

Once we have shown them how it works by stepping on the piano keys a few times ourselves, there is no stopping them.

Our toddlers may become a rocker whilst listening to this music and love to shake their heads along to the music and bouncing up and down.

Perhaps we will have future musical artists on our hands?! 

5. Chicco Talking Farm– Some of the first noises that come out of our babies mouths are animal noises.

The talking farm helps little ones learn to press buttons whilst also learn the different animals and numbers.

A certain little finger may get ‘stuck’ on one of the buttons and we will be listening to a cow moo’ing for the next five minutes.

Our cheeky monkeys will more than likely break out into a fit of giggles hearing the sounds on repeat-especially if mummy makes the animal sound too!

6. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy– This clever puppy has been and still is one of the most used toys we have at home.

Of course we had to name him- Please welcome Pablo!

He sings, he lights-up and he can be poked and pressed.

There are various stages allowing for Pablo to grow with our toddlers and teaching them new things.

7. Infantino Piano & Numbers Learning Toucan– Another great, compact toy which can easily be placed in the baby bag on our travels.

The light-up musical keys are visually pleasing for our toddlers who automatically want to press them as many times as possible.

There a couple of interactive activities included eg. “Count how many eyes I’ve got” for when the kiddies grow a little older too.

Plastic Sensory Toys For Toddlers

7. Building Bricks– There’s nothing much better than the simply satisfying set of building blocks to let our toddlers creativity ( and above all destructivity) be set free.

These building blocks are lightweight to prevent any possible injuries.


8. Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog– This colourful little hedgehog helps our toddlers to improve their fine motor skills by trying to put the ‘spikes’ onto the hedgehogs back.

You may even spot a little tongue escaping from the side of our toddlers mouth as they concentrate hard.

The ‘spikes’ can be placed inside the hedgehog to avoid losing any pieces when it isn’t being used.

9. Yookidoo Bath Toy– A stress-free, fun bath time for our toddlers is so important so they can also build their confidence in water.

The Yookidoo toy shows how water falls at different speeds and in different ways.

Our curious toddlers will want to work out for themselves how to use this toy and feeling the various water sensations.

10. Fidget Cube– A toy to entertain both kiddies and adults- WINNER!

The toddlers are in sensory heaven with a fidget cube.

They can push, pull, stroke, press, slide and twist until their hearts content.

When the toddlers aren’t using this, we can play ourselves!

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Best Sensory Toys For Young Toddlers {12 months +}

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