19 Transport Toys Babies & Toddlers Will Love

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From cars to boats, trucks to airplanes, transport toys are a firm favourite in most toy boxes for both boys and girls.

Infants to older kids all love playing with the transport toys just as much.

Playing with these transport toys allows our children to build on their imagination and creativity.

You will find that most little ones will love to carry their toy around with them and move it across various surfaces within the house then later bring it outdoors too.

Transport is used and seen almost everyday and becomes of interest to our kiddies when they are out on their travels.

How many different sounds have you created for all the different vehicles? We currently have;

  • Car= Beep Beep
  • Airplane= Whoosh
  • Train= Choo Choo
  • Truck= BRUM BRUM
  • Fire Engine= Nee Naw
  • Bike= Vrooooom
  • Boat= Honk Honk

Any creative additions are welcome 🙂

Take a look at 19 of the best transport toys which can range for use with babies up to older toddlers/ kids. 

19 Vroom-Tastic Transport Toys For Babies & Toddlers {They Will ABSOLUTELY love!}


1. Melissa & Doug Pull Back Vehicles

This pack of 4 soft cars are a wonderful starter pack for babies and leading them into becoming toddlers.

They are very adaptable as they can be used in a ‘softer’ way when our sons/daughters are still babies.

As toddlers the pull back mechanism will come into more use and they will have tons of fun chasing after the cars.

2. Car Toys With Mini Playmat

An extra little bonus with this pack of toys as it comes with a mini playmat which can be used to push the cars around and decide where they are going in the city scene.

It allows our toddlers to imagine and create their very own fun and games with the cars. 

3. Hot Wheels 10

Hot Wheels are a classic within the toy car category and were around all those years ago when I was a little girl too, jeez they must be old!

The details and variety on each car is incredible and are definitely some of the most realistic toys that can be found on the market.


4. Battat Mini Monster Trucks

Super cool mini trucks with extra large wheels.

Our toddlers can take on the biggest of adventures with these trucks and give them the possibility to steer over all types of surfaces.

Great for both indoor and outdoor play, leading from beach times in the summer to snow times in the winter.

5. TOMY John Deere Sandbox Vehicle

A slight give away in the name, two trucks which are the perfect addition to the sandbox.

Don’t let this stop you from using in many other ways though.

Kids will love to add some of their own toys and household items into the digger trucks and dump them around the house- sorry mummy’s but it is a dump truck after all and our kiddies are only helping do its job haha!

6. Lego Duplo Alphabet Truck

We love this Duplo truck and have been using this most days since we bought it.

The truck can be used simply to push around the house or we can help our little ones to add the Lego blocks to the back of the truck.

What I love about this truck is that it can be used in various ways as our younger toddlers are growing older and learning the alphabet and colours. 

7. IQ Friction Truck Toys

4 different types of trucks; tractor, dump truck, bulldozer and a cement mixer…a lovely way to show how these working trucks have jobs to complete in their everyday life.

Our kiddies will love to point these out to us when we see them whilst we are out and about. 


8. Battat Take Apart Airplane

Our toddlers and kids can get involved in the construction of this plane and even have their very own drill in the set to put the pieces together.

Their fine motor skills will be on point after building this aeroplane.

Something like this toy doesn’t come without its warning and of course goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave your child unsupervised with the small pieces.

9. Bump And Go Airplane Toy

A very realistic version of a plane which has the full works of flashing lights and noises.

It will be flying high in the sky with the addition of our sound effects too.

Myself and my daughter have got the ‘Woosh’ sound down to perfection. 

10. Green Toys Airplane

A simple but satisfying airplane for our little ones to play with.

The satisfying part also goes for us mummy’s too as this is easy to clean and can be placed into the dishwasher!

The airplane is made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs-cool right?! There is also a matching helicopter too.


11. Playkidz Little Boat Train

Let’s start with the boat train as mentioned in our Best Water Toys For Toddlers article which is wonderful for bath time or down at the beach.

The boats all interconnect so can be pulled along the water whilst making all the cool boat sound effects.

The boats have numbers on each one and corresponding numbers of holes. Learning can be fun too during bath time. 

12. Little Tikes 2in1 Pirate Ship

A slightly pricier transport toy but this pirate ship has so much versatility.

It’s wheels means that it can be used out of water contrary to your average boat which works in our favour on this occasion as more use will be had!

It can be sat on and pushed along with those strong kiddy legs.

The extra figurines and bits and pieces which come with this set make it a superb toy for many different play ideas. 

13. Melissa & Doug’s Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter 

Another great toy which can be used in many ways.

Babies, toddlers and kids all seem to be attracted to animals in some shape and form.

A lovely shape sorter which is completely made from wood and cute animal shapes to be used both on this boat and could definitely be used for other games too. 


14. Little Baby Bum Bounce & Sing School Bus

If you haven’t heard of Little Baby Bum then you really need to google it.

Infants and younger toddlers LOVE this so the singing bus will be no exception either.

The famous Wheels On The Bus song is played from the bus too-one of my fave children’s songs!

15. Playmobil School Bus

The Playmobil school bus is recommended from 4 years old but I would say that this could very easily be purchased beforehand.

The flashing front and back lights bring the bus to life and our little ones will adore putting their favourite characters inside the bus.

My daughter for one would be pushing this up and down along with regular character changes. 

16. Double-Decker Tour Bus

I couldn’t write about buses without putting a red double-decker bus in the mix with myself being from England, UK.

This wooden bus has 9 figures to be used to see all the delightful sights of the different rooms in the house that our toddlers will take them on. 


Take a look at our 15 Train Toys For Toddlers article which will show you a wide range of wooden, plastic, big and small train toys and sets.

Here’s a sneak peek below;

17. Play22 12Pcs Wooden Train Set

These 12 trains could  make one super long train which can be used for learning numbers from 1 to 12.

Otherwise shared with other kiddy friends or whilst playing with mommy and daddy. 

18. Orbium 52 Piece Train Set

Such an awesome set which not only comes with trains but a car, houses, people, signs and all kinds of accessories to be making a mega play time which can go beyond just the train track.

The train tunnel can also be doubled up as a storage box to tidy away at the end of the day- a mummy winner right there!

19. SmartMax Train Set With Animals

Great for working on train constructions and using the magnetic pieces to build the perfect train for our creative kids.

Who knows, this set could lead to a future engineer in the family?!

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