Outdoor Activities For 1 Year Olds {Fun Activities For Young Toddlers}

Being outside is beneficial for both mummy and child and it really does do everyone the world of good.

It allows our children to ‘let off some steam’ and use up some of that everlasting energy that they seem to have.

At the same time it is also great for us mummies to be outside and clear our minds for a short while.

During the summer months we all find ourselves spending more and more time outside and making the most of the sunny weather.

Our little ones love to explore the outside world and most days will discover something new and interesting to investigate in depth.

Below are a few very easy set-up activities for young toddlers which will allow them to play away.

The bonus for us mummy’s is that the tidy up after is so much faster/ non-existent with being outdoors.  

Cereal Sand

Cereal sand is an extremely simple way of making some homemade sand for your toddlers to play with.

During the summer months, it is a perfect, easy activity to set up and just as enjoyable for our little ones.

The crunchy, unusual feeling of the sand will see our curious learners exploring the sensation between their fingers and hands.

Why not put some smaller toys within the sand for them to play with?!

You could also place a small cup or similar to create mini sand castles.

To make this sand I simply got some Rice Krispy cereal and crushed it into smaller pieces.

I wanted to keep the consistency with some ‘larger’ pieces along with finer sand-like consistency.

This is purely to vary the texture and feeling for my daughter.

If you would like the result to be more sand-like then you could use a food blender for the cereal.

My little girl love love loved putting the sand into one of her small towering cups.

She scooped the sand out of the bowl and poured on repeat numerous times.

There may even have been a large amount of sand out of the bowl at the end too!

Place a spoon into the sand and your little ones can practise their coordination too by picking up spoonfuls.

This activity was such a big hit that when my little girl saw the bowl of sand again later in the day, she pointed for me to put it on the floor which is her way of showing when she wants to do something. 

Free The Frozen Toys

What a better way than cooling down in the warm summer months than playing with ice.

Find some of your little monkeys small toys for example a car toy or a model ready to get started.

You could even get creative and use some outdoor items such as leaves, sticks and flowers.

Place your items of choice either into large or small containers that can be put into the freezer.

Simply put the item into the container and fill the remains with water.

Leave in the freezer overnight.

When you are ready for fun outside, find a plate, tray or even a pan to place the ice onto and let your toddler at it!

The ice will of course naturally melt in the sun plus the help of their hot hands trying to reach the ‘hidden’ item.

I gave my daughter only two of the frozen blocks to play with so not to be overwhelmed.

We therefore have more frozen blocks for another play time opportunity.

Our little ones will have a sense of great achievement when they manage to reach the once-ice-covered items.

Bubble Fun

There is something about bubbles that all little ones seem to be amazed by.

The magic of seeing the bubbles being created and expanding from nowhere gives our young ones the instant urge to touch.

You could easily create your own bubbles which is super easy and is guaranteed fun.

All that is needed is liquid soap, water, a straw and a large beaker or bowl (you choose depending how big or small you want to go with this activity).

Mix a squeeze of the liquid soap into the water and the fun is ready to start.

Place the straw into the water and start blowing.

The bubbles will form instantly.

The excitement of the bubbles makes the couple of seconds wait seem like forever for our toddlers.

They cannot wait to get their hands into the mixture and start playing with the bubbles.

You could even try and see if your little one will copy you and blow from the straw.

My 14 month old is still unable to do this however she loves imitating me all the same!

Nature bottles

Save a plastic water/ drink bottle next time you have finished with it and create the easiest little activity for your little adventurers.

Put some water inside the bottle and take it out into the garden, to the park or wherever you would like to go and explore with your little one.

As we all know very well by now, our toddlers want to pick up everything and anything they see when they are out- particularly the things they shouldn’t.

Encourage them to collect some leaves, flowers, stones, grass….the list goes on.

Start by example and put each collected item into the bottle with water and watch it swish around.

Our little ones at this age are suckers for information and love copying what we do so it is the perfect chance to for them to follow our lead.

This activity is also brilliant as it allows our little munchkins to concentrate on pushing the items through the small hole of the bottle.

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Fun, Simple Activities to do Outdoors with Young Toddlers (That They Will LOVE!!)

Which outdoor activities for young toddlers do you enjoy the most? 

You could try our Painting Activities For Toddlers outdoors too which will sure save on the cleaning up after!

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