13 Super Simple Summer Activities For Toddlers

During the summer it is key to find lots of fun summer activities for toddlers to keep them entertained during those long, hot days.

The activities don’t need to be over complicated yet will sure catch your little explorers attention.

Being outdoors is beneficial for not only our toddlers but also for us grown ups too and summertime is the perfect excuse for us to make the most of the beautiful weather.

The simple change of scenery for our toddlers and bringing some of our previously used activities indoors, outdoors will give a whole new level of enthusiasm.

If you are also looking for some inspiration for new toys which are perfect in the garden or any outdoor space then have a look at our Outdoor Toys for 1 Year Olds and Outdoor Toys For 2 Year Olds articles that our toddlers will love!

1. Watering The Plants

How many times will our toddlers have seen mummy watering the plants?

They love to copy what us parents are doing and to be given a sense of responsibility by watering the plants themselves.

Even better if they have their own watering can.

2. Using A Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are fantastic for allowing independent play, working on intentional controlled movement, improving hand-eye coordination, learning cause and effect, working on fine motor skills and allows active exploration.

Who knew a spray bottle could have so many benefits?!

3. Growing Fruit/ Vegetables:

Growing our very own fruit or vegetables doesn’t have to require lots of outdoor space but could be started in a large pot.

It is absolutely fascinating for our toddlers to see the cause and effect of planting a small seed into some soil, watering it daily and seeing a small stem develop to eventually become our chosen fruit or vegetable.

A great way of learning about where fruit and vegetables come from and may also encourage more of their 5 a day to be eaten too- there’s always hoping hey!

4. DIY Mud Kitchen

diy mud kitchen in the backyard

Toddlers sure do love mess and dirt so creating a homemade mud kitchen is the ideal summer activity to keep them entertained for hours.

At around 18months to 2 years old our toddlers really enjoy pretend play so this is the perfect way to bake, cook and wash outdoors-with mud!

We have 12 DIY Mud Kitchen Ideas here and Simple Pretend Play Ideas For Toddlers. 

5. Frozen Toys

A summer activity for toddlers which will also keep them cool.

This could be done with small toys such as Lego figurines or outdoor finds such as leaves/ flowers etc.

If your toddler has a preference towards a certain theme then go with that! Put the items into one large tray or lots of individual cupcake holders and add water.

Place into the freezer and leave overnight.

Your kiddie could use some tools to try and dig out the toys/ outdoor finds. The warm weather will help melt the ice to make it that little bit easier for our children. 

6. Bubbles

Making your own bubble mixture from liquid dish soap and water can be a quick fix summer activity for toddlers that despite their age they always seem to have heaps of fun!

A bubble machine can have our kids running around like looney toons trying to pop as many bubbles as they can in record time.

As we mentioned in our Outdoor Activities For 1 Year Olds article, creating their own bubbles by blowing through a straw into the mixture is just as exciting. 

7. Garden/ Beach Soup

This was always a fond childhood memory of mine and we’ve started it early with my two year old too.

Grab a big bowl or bucket and fill with water. Now they can explore the garden or at the beach and find as many different outdoor items as possible.

It could be stones, sticks, shells, flowers.

Grab a big spoon or spade and they can make the yummiest soup for us.

Place some smaller containers close by so they can transfer from one container to another. 

8. Sandcastles

Whether you are lucky enough to have a beach close by, on holiday or otherwise Homemade Moon Sand could be made to bring the beach home.

Toddlers love making sand castles, towers, forming different shapes with the real sand or the moon sand. 

9. Scavenger Hunt

As mentioned in our 20 Fun Activities For Two Year Olds article, scavenger hunts can be a great outdoor activity and even more so one of our favourite summer activities for toddlers so they can get out and explore.

Depending on the toddlers age, you could draw/print an image for your kiddies to find a particular object either in the garden, at the park, in the forest or at the beach.

The possibilities are endless. 

10. Bubble Painting

Photo Credit: The Play Based Mom

Mixing bubbles and painting is a guarantee for summer time fun for toddlers.

The Play Based Mom shows just how easy it is to find another painting alternative for our little ones.

This would definitely be a preferred summer/outdoor activity to prevent lots of messiness and stickiness. 

11. Fishing For Letters

Photo Credit: Teaching Littles

Such a fantastic idea from Teaching Littles which uses a paddling pool as a fishing area.

Not only is a paddling pool a perfect idea in the summer but this activity can create many options with a fishing net; from fishing for letters to ducks, numbers to balls.

You really can put whatever you desire inside the fishing fun. 

12. Chalk Ice

Photo Credit: The Best Ideas For Kids

This adds an extra element to chalk drawing outside with the ice coolness during those hot, summer months.

As we have already gathered many times, our toddlers love making a mess, so seeing their faces when we give them permission to draw somewhere differently is wonderful. 

13. Summer Lemon Sensory Bin

Photo Credit: Taming Little Monsters

If I am completely honest, just the idea of this sensory bin makes me want to take a large glass and drink it all but must resist!

This sensory bin brings out so many senses for our cheeky toddlers; the delightful smell of freshly cut lemons, the cold feeling from the water, the taste of the lemons if they decide to have a taste themselves and the transferring of water from one object to another can improve their hand-eye coordination. 

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