5 Fun Ways To Encourage A Toddler Brushing Teeth

A toddler brushing teeth can sometimes be one of the most stressful parts of the day, especially if you have an unwilling toddler who likes to kick up a fuss during the daily routine.

It is super important to make a chore become lots of fun for our little ones that they will look forward to doing time and time again.

toddler brushing teeth

Personal hygiene is very important to keep on top of which includes a toddler brushing teeth regularly and willingly.

This needs to be involved in our daily routines both in the morning and the evening before bed therefore it is vital that a fun solution for everyone is found.

Finding a solution will not only save our sanity’s from a mummy’s point of view but will also make it so much us easier and running smoothly for us all.

When Should You Start Brushing Your Child’s Teeth?

Ideally even before our babies have any teeth it is a good idea to start rubbing their gums with a rubber thimble-type brush or as above.

It simply goes on the end of your finger and you can help massage their gums. This is a great way of familiarising our babies with a ‘teeth brushing’ routine. 

When the teeth start popping out from the gums then that’s when the ‘serious’ business starts.

I believe that the key is starting our kiddies as early as possible so that the routine is seen as normal to them and they know no different.

Of course it should be made as light-hearted and entertaining as possible. 

Ways To Encourage A Toddler Brushing Teeth

1. Involving A Soft Toy/ Doll

Involve one of your toddlers’ favourite soft toys or dolls in the teeth cleaning process.

Allow your toddler to brush their little friend’s teeth first (of course without the toothpaste unless you want a dirty soft toy at the end too).

Then it is mummy’s turn to brush their own little ones teeth too.

2. Play Teeth Cleaning Songs

 Toddlers love to copy and repeat activities therefore why not put an upbeat, exciting teeth cleaning song on good ol’ YouTube and have them swinging from side to side as they get the job done.

Our young ones will love seeing other characters brushing their teeth too and they will want to do exactly like their new friends on the video.

Take a look below at some of our favourite videos:

Check out our Encouraging Young Toddlers To Copy And Repeat {Copying Activities} article here. 

3. Take Turns

Take turns with your son/daughter in brushing their teeth so they feel that they are completing a task themselves too.

It will give them a wonderful sense of achievement.

You could even allow them to brush your teeth too so they are helping mummy out in keeping up with personal hygiene too. 

4. Let Your Toddler Make The Decisions

Try the old trick of taking your toddler out to the shops and letting them choose the colour and the design of the toothbrush themselves.

You may as well go the whole way and even let them choose their toothpaste too with their favourite cartoon character.

Encourage your cheeky little monkeys to go for a fun flavour of toothpaste too which they will enjoy to use twice a day. 

5. Pull Silly Faces

Get your silly faces at the ready and see how many wild and wonderful funny faces can be pulled in the time of the toddler brushing teeth.

The aim is to have our kiddies laughing and having the time of their lives despite it being a somewhat mundane task.

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