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DIY Superhero Masks For Kids {Perfect For Pretend Play}

DIY Superhero Masks

DIY superhero masks are a fun way of getting creative with our kids and producing something which can be used again and again during dress up.

Dressing up and imaginative play is a big part of growing up for our toddlers and bigger kids too.

Check out our Pretend Play For Toddlers article for cool ideas.

These DIY superhero masks are the perfect addition to their dress up boxes. Superheroes are equally popular for both boys and girls to enjoy and these super simple masks will give extra magic powers during roleplay.

These following instructions to make a mask can easily be adjusted and adapted if our kiddies want to become another character too eg. rabbit. 

How To Make DIY Superhero Masks

Equipment Needed:

  • Felt
  • Ribbon/elastic
  • PVA Glue 
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hole Punch (Or Sharp Object)
  • Star stencil (If Desired)


  1. Using a pencil, mark a rough outline of a mask shape onto the felt. 
  2. Put against your child’s face to check the measurement
  3. Whilst checking the measurement, pencil a dot where the eye holes should go.
  4. Cut out the mask shape. 
  5. Fold in half to cut out the eye holes. 
  6. Using another colour felt, draw and cut out a star shape. 
  7. Glue star onto the mask where desired. (Cut the overlap of the star which covers the eye hole. 
  8. Make two holes either side of the mask for the ribbon or elastic to feed through. You will need a hole punch or a sharp object so make sure us adults do this part.
  9. Tie a knot in one end of the ribbon before feeding it one of the holes on the mask
  10. Measure ribbon/elastic round your kiddies head. 
  11. Feed the other side of the ribbon through the hole and tie suitably to the previous measurement taken. 

How Can Our Kids Get Involved?

My almost four year old loves working on her fine motor skills and practising using scissors so this is the perfect opportunity to get her involved too.

I don’t know if you other mummies have experienced this age yet but our kids love trying to do a lot of things independently.

Often the words “I will do it on my own” are said as we look to do activities together.

A way of keeping peace could be to create double of everything.

Eg. Draw two superhero mask templates so Mummy can cut one and our kids do the other. 

Check out Best Scissors For Toddlers (From Beginners To Advanced) for wonderful suggestions on which type of scissors are best for our children.

Our Fine Motor Skills Activities For Toddlers article also has great ideas for working on our kiddies skills. 

More DIY Mask Ideas

Of course we don’t have to limit our creativity to DIY superhero masks and we can create animal masks, halloween masks, princess masks and many more.

You could also lay out lots of different crafty items such as pompoms, sequins, coloured pens/ pencils and see what the children create for themselves.

Below you will find some other amazing DIY mask ideas;

Halloween Masks For Kids

Photo Credit: 

Paper plates are used to create some fantastic halloween masks using all those crafty bits that are probably already hanging around the house.

These masks are the perfect addition to an original halloween outfit for our kids.

Paper Plate Animal Masks

Photo Credit:

Super easy animal masks which the children will absolutely love.

These are a great idea to use for younger toddlers when they are learning the names of animals and sounds. 

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