24 Sensory Toys For Babies That Will Not Disappoint

What do you want when you are searching for new sensory toys for babies?

  • You want to discover something which helps them develop better
  • Something that entertains them for more than 30 seconds so you can grab a quick coffee sat on the sofa in ‘peace’
  • Something that doesn’t cost the world

Not too much to ask hey?

Even within the first year of having my newborn little girl, it has become clear that babies are very easily drawn to those toys which have varied textures, noises and colours.

All of this can be explored with their little fingers, those interested eyes and curious ears.

Let’s not forget the part of wanting to put anything or everything in her mouth because there is nothing tastier than a new toy.

In the first year our new born babies are growing at a crazy speed and in the blink of an eye are crawling/ walking toddlers.

Everything is exciting and new for them therefore there is nothing better than exploring all of their senses with sensory toys for babies and infants.

Best Sensory Toys For Babies {That Grow With a Child!}

Multi-textured sensory toys for babies

Some of our favourite toys which we have been using from an early age are by the brand Lamaze which have fantastic, colourful toys.

We have named these Penny the Peacock and Emily the Dolly.

1. Lamaze Emily the Dolly

This is a lovely, soft first dolly for our babies.

It has black and white patterns on the base of her feet which can initially be used for their vision when they are smaller on the strollers.

The material on the dolly’s dress is full of different fabrics and has a highly satisfying crunchy texture.

2. Lamaze ‘Penny’ the Peacock

It has been the subject of many conversations as to whether ‘Penny’ is actually a peacock, a butterfly or even a parrot because of its bright colours but we went for a peacock.

However after some research we have discovered that Penny’s real name is in fact Jacque.

We think Penny sounds better though, don’t you agree?!

3. Skip Hop puppy

This is quite a similar toy to the previous two.

It is great as it has a transparent ring with coloured balls inside for our babies to watch the movement.

There is also a rubber bone attached to an elastic which can be used for our little ones to learn different actions such as pulling.

It is the perfect material for when they are teething.

There is a hoop coming from this little puppy so it can easily be attached to a stroller or to an activity mat.

There are lots of different types of animals available which are just as equally cute.

All three of these toys have amazingly bright colours and textures which we LOVE to crunch, shake and stroke. 

As our babies are growing they will actually see these as little friends and we will often see them hugging or carrying them with them for comfort.

Also when they are older they will be able to use these for role play.

The options are never ending and we are definitely getting our money’s worth out of these.

4. Melissa & Doug Flip Fish

The cute multi-coloured fish is full of many textures which will create various noises and sensations between our babies little fingers.

The bold facial features make it appealing and friendly for our infants to grab hold of.

It is actually a surprisingly larger size than the first impression I had from online images.

5. Educational Insights Sensory Texture Squares

This set of 20 textured squares (10 pairs of different textures) can be used in so many various ways:

  • Simply pulling out the squares and feeling amongst their fingers
  • When our babies are older they can find the matching pairs
  • Use the storage bag they come in the take out and put back in on repeat (this is seriously satisfying for older babies/toddlers.
  • Learning how to throw

6. Haba Rainbow Fabric Ball

Our babies first ball which is beautifully rainbow coloured and has 8 different textures for them to get their hands on.

The soft, washable materials are ideal for us mummies as we don’t have to worry about any spills or injuries which come with a ‘normal’ ball.

Soft Sensory Books & Crinkle Toys

7. Jellycat Rainbow Tails Activity Book

Whilst out on our travels in the stroller we have been using this small soft book.

The book is quite self explanatory with the name, on each page there are different animals with different textured tails which also stick out the side of the book.

There is a small velcro loop which can be easily attached to the stroller to keep our little ones entertained if they are restless travellers. 

Other ‘Jellycat Soft Cloth Baby Book’ titles are as follows;

8. Taf Toys North Pole Soft Activity Baby Book

This double-sided book is A-MAZING and has lots of lots ways to be used.

The black and white side is perfect for when the baby is first born with all the high contrast images.

There are many different 3D attachments for the baby to discover during playtime.

Because the book is long and flexible, it can be placed in the stroller, in the crib, on the play mat to encourage tummy time…the list goes on.

Can you think of any more creative ways to use this activity book?!

We have a beautiful list of our favourite Black And White Baby Books which would be perfect for your newborns to use.

9. Manhattan Crinkle Tiger

Black and white on one side, coloured on the other making the crinkle tiger ready for use straight away with our newborn babies.

The high contrast will have them staring in amazement at this tiger and will start their wonderful sensory journey.

10. Taggies Crinkle Me Toy

This crinkle toy can be hung above a changing mat, play mat or even on the pram to keep our adorable babies entertained and settled.

There are various animal options available but one thing is for sure that the ribbons and tags will be a big hit for our infants.

Bumpy Balls & Rollers

11. Sassy Development Bumpy Ball

With its various large bumps, our babies are able to learn how to hold and grasp this ball.

Each bump has a different material and design, attracting the attention of our little ones.

This bumpy ball is fantastic for building co-ordination as they eventually pass the ball from one hand to the other.

I’m sure when the babies throwing skills improve, we will have this thrown in our direction many times.

12.Fat Brain Toys Sensory Rollers

Simple but effective!

Watch as your babies push their fingers into the ball to understand the textures and designs on each of the balls.

The hidden chimes inside the ball are fab for cause and effect and the balls will be shaken like crazy once they figure out how to make the noises.

The balls are made from food grade silicone and BPA free so can be gnawed at during those tricky teething times.

13.Infantino Ball, Blocks & Buddies

I love the mix of toys in this set which can be used in so many different ways!

It’ll one of your best buys as it can be used for bath time, beach time, outdoors, indoors, for building towers, for rolling balls, for role-play with the characters….you get the idea.

This toy set will stay with you and be used an uncountable number of times not only when they are babies but toddlers too.

Plastic Sensory Toys For Babies

The two most used and probably simplest of plastic sensory toys are the stacking cups and the interconnecting hoops.

14. Nuby Stacking cups

These can be used in a wide range of ways from when they are slightly smaller in age to encourage them to crawl and move to knock over the tower.

When they are bigger they can build the tower themselves.

We use these cups during bath time too as some have holes in the bottom.

Our little ones love to see the water pouring through at different speeds and feeling the sprinkling water on their hands.

15. Manhattan Toy Links/ Interconnecting hoops.

The hoops can be used both in and out of the bath. They have different designs on the end of each one and interconnect.

Just watch the biggest smiles from our babies when mummy makes herself a necklace with the hoops.

Without a doubt they will want to pull it off immediately for themselves.

16. Sunshine Mall Water Mat.

This isn’t so much a toy but is an absolute MUST (in my opinion).

It is wonderful for our little babies when they have tummy time and try to lift those little but heavy heads up for the first time.

I cannot recommend this fish water mat enough!!

It is padded to prevent those tired heads banging against the ground plus it has the aquarium scene inside the mat which swooshes and swirls when the baby moves.

The bright colours from the sealife and the moving water makes a sometimes difficult tummy time for the babies into a super sensory overload. 

17. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

A great toy which can be easily taken around on our travels and stored in our bags without taking up too much space.

The central cube makes a rattling noise, whilst the ‘tubes’ are ideal for teething babies.

Check out our other teething toys and ideas here.

This could be the perfect toy to give to our babies in the car or in their strollers to entertain them and improve their clutching skills.

Light-Up Sensory Toys For Babies

18. Edushape Light-Up Balls

Such a simple toy but such an effective result!

Watch the mouth-opening amazement of our little babies as they see the balls light up in a darkened room- priceless.

The bumpy texture of the balls immediately grabs their attention and gives them lots of visual stimulation.

Try gently rolling the balls over the babies back and it becomes an enjoyable massage for those few moments of relax.

19. Infantino Light Projector

The original purpose of this is to help soothe our babies and get them to sleep easier at night.

However it is also a perfect to use during the day too with its different music.

Close the curtains in your house and make a peaceful atmosphere for the little ones to watch the moving lights across the room.

There will be nothing cuter than when you see the little ones trying to grab the projected images.

This projector has a removable light-up fox which our kiddies can carry to bed with them when they are slightly older.

20. VTech Smart Sounds Baby Keys

How many times have the set of car keys been taken away from you by a little baby thief?!

I personally have lost count!

For such a small toy, it has such a wide range of uses.

  • There is music and a flashing light which is a big hit
  • Little beads which move and around and make a great rattling sound
  • One of the keys is ideal to put in the babies mouths when those tricky teeth are coming through

Why not take a look at the Best Musical Instruments For Babies too.

Wooden Sensory Toys For Babies

21. PlanToy Activity Blocks

Hard wearing blocks which have fun circular areas inside of them with different materials for our babies to explore.

I found it very interesting that PlanToys use wood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex.

Helping the environment whilst also creating something fun for our infants.

22. Wooden Juniper Balls

Photo Credit: WoodenEducationToy @ Etsy

You may wonder what kind of toy this is when initially looking at the image however these wooden balls are fantastic sensory toys.

They are great to be used for fine motor skills and manoeuvred around our little munchkins hands.

Us Mummy’s can give our babies a nice, gentle massage with these wooden balls too.

There is a delightful smell of juniper which comes from these!

23. PlanToys Wooden Baby Roller

A solution for making tummy time so much more fun.

The wooden ball within the roller is a highly satisfying noise as it is being pushed and rolled around the room- even better if you have hard floor in your house too as it emphasises the noise.

24. EverEarth Discovery Blocks

A delightful mix of wooden blocks with each one having a diverse feature to the other.

My little girl loves the mirror additions on toys like so many other babies as they learn to discover themselves for the first time.

How many funny faces does your little munchkin like to pull?!

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13 Best Sensory Toys For Babies That Help Develop, Entertain and Explore

Which sensory toys did your little babies enjoy the most?

Check out our Best Sensory Toys For Toddlers article to see what beneficial sensory toys could be added to your collection in the future.

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