Stimulation For Babies 0-3 Months { 10 Simple Ideas}

stimulation for babies 0-3 months

Ideas of stimulation for babies 0-3 months left a big fat question mark over my head as a first time mum.

I was unsure what I could do in terms of stimulation for my daughter between the age of 0-3 months.

Stimulation could perhaps even be re-worded as “play” or “interaction.”

Let’s face it our newborns don’t initially do an awful lot other than sleep, feed and fill their diapers.

Although the first 3 months will pass by in a second, the development of our babies is incredible in such a short space of time.

In my opinion and through my experience of having had two 0-3month olds, it is best to keep stimulation/play simple at this age.

There are so many toys, activity mats and baby equipment available that it can sometimes get overwhelming.

I will give you a helping hand by suggesting ideas about stimulation for babies 0-3 months.

1. Black And White Baby Books

black and white baby books

At first babies can only see in black and white and slowly but surely their vision develops so they can also see the world in colour too.

Even when they start to develop their colour vision our babies still love the stark contrast of black and white.

Whilst your baby is lying down try placing a black and white book close by and watch their fascination.

Using the black and white book is a perfect idea for practising tummy time or during diaper changes too.

Check out our article for the 15 Best Black And White Baby Books that we recommend.

Our favourite is Black White By Tana Hoban.

2. Black And White Baby Toys

black and white crinkle book on the crib

There are many toys available that promote sensory stimulation for children targeting a range of different senses at the same time.

Take a look at our Must-Have Black And White Baby Toys which are the perfect starter toys for stimulation for our little ones (great gift ideas too).

The monochrome contrasting images, textures, and patterns stimulate the optic nerves’ development perfectly without being over-stimulating.

3. Mirror

stimulation for babies 0-3 months

I’m sure most of us have a mirror at home already, whether that be a small hand held mirror or a large wall mirror-both can be used to stimulate our babies perfectly.

Place the mirror near to our little one’s and let them explore their reflection.

Talk to your little sweethearts as they start to discover and recognise themselves.

Who knew looking at yourself in a mirror could be so fun?!

4. Face To Face 

Our newborns love nothing more than seeing mummies face and it is the first thing that they recognise and will bring smiles to their faces.

Pull funny faces and have one way conversations with them as they watch in enjoyment.

It won’t be long before they are talking back joining in those interesting conversations too! 

5. Singing

Don’t hold back as you hit the high notes whilst singing to your babies, they thankfully won’t be judging us on our singing skills!

Singing can be used as a wonderful tool and as our babies progress they may even start coo-ing along with you too.

My current 2 month old loves having the radio on in the background too and will keep him entertained as mummy tries to make dinner.

Singing and music can also be used not only to stimulate but to relax our babies too as they prepare for a nap. 

6. Light projector

My baby boy loves lying on his big sister’s bed in the evening with the light projector on and watching the ever-changing stars and colours move around the ceiling.

The light projectors will very often leave our babies with their mouths wide open in amazement.

There really is nothing better than seeing how much they love this special sensory moment. 

7. Rattles

Have you lost count yet how many rattle style objects you have got for your little baba? I certainly have!

But rattles don’t always have to bought- you could get creative and use an old water bottle or a jar and fill with various household items eg. rice, water, sand, pasta.

Not only will our 0-3month olds love the different noises but will enjoy the movement of the items as they are shaken. 

As mentioned in our Best Sensory Toys For Babies article, one of favourite rattles is “Penny the Peacock”

8. Mobile

Of course I am not talking about our mobile phones but a mobile that could be placed above our babies head as they lay down either in their bed or as part of a play mat.

Mobiles are ideal for allowing our babies to start reaching and touching the items that are moving around above their head.

Mummies, you will be amazed at how they progress at this skill and the pure strength they have as they hit the mobile. 

9. Tickle And Touch

Tickling and touching different body parts during diaper changing or after bath time whilst our little ones are without all their clothes is a fun way to have them moving around in excitement.

Hands and feet will be squirming around as mummy will be taking in these precious moments. 

Another form of stimulation with touch is by massaging.

Use a suitable baby cream or oil and make small circular movements around your newborns body which will in hand stimulate our little ones whole body.

10. Walking outdoors

It sounds oh-so obvious but going outdoors is a fantastic stimulation for babies 0-3months and for everyone older too (including us mummy’s).

Looking up at the ever changing weather and surroundings along with the fresh air for all is an ideal way to stimulate our babies in the early days.

In reality our sweethearts can’t see very far initially but the movement is enough for them. 

Which stimulation for babies 0-3 months do you enjoy with your little ones?

Seeing our newborns develop, interact and respond each day a little more in the first few months and the stimulation for babies 0-3 months helps contribute to these changes.

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