Counting Books For Babies And Toddlers {Learning To Count With Books}

Counting books for toddlers are a wonderful way to help in the process of learning to count with our little kiddies.

Using books allows us to bring some entertainment whilst trying to teach some important first words and numbers.

Most of our favourite counting books for toddlers are also interactive and each have interesting and different ways of counting.

We have amazing interactive book recommendations on our following articles;

I have found whilst trying to encourage my 21month old daughter to count that it is often more effective when not trying to ‘push’ the learning and just incorporate it within story time and playtime.

Over time you will see how they are naturally picking up the numbers and using them in everyday life.

Not only can you use books to help to learn but when you are playing with toys and taking them out of the baskets, start to count and see if they continue.

Don’t forget every child is different and won’t all learn at the same time, this is completely normal!

1. 1,2,3 To The Zoo By Eric Carle

The author of the Hungry Little Caterpillar Eric Carle always has beautiful illustrations and 1,2,3 To The Zoo doesn’t disappoint either.

The animals on each page help not only to learn to count but about all the various zoo animals that they can spot next time they visit a zoo.

Toddlers love seeing things that they have read about in their books and their eyes will literally light up. 

2. Black Dot By Donald Crews

Ok, perhaps some may say that this book is a little outdated however I believe it is a timeless, simple counting book that shows our toddlers images where black dots can be incorporated.

The dots being black allow for them to stand out on the page and our toddlers to easily identify them ready for counting.

3. One Fox By Kate Read

This book isn’t just a counting book but also tells a story with each page flowing onto the next.

The book builds suspense to see what will be happening next and creates lots of excitement through its brightly coloured pages.

A fantastic book for this first time author. A more subtle way of bringing numbers and counting into a book. 

4. Poke A Dot Old McDonalds Farm By Melissa & Doug

There are actually very few Poke A Dot books on the book market that I have seen but this is a BIG hit in our house.

There are so many elements to this book which can be used for learning to count, singing, learning animals and listening to the popping sounds of the dots.

One of my favourite parts about this book is that the popping dots make learning to count fun.

They are very clever as it is easier to understand which dot has been poked so not to get confused whilst counting.

Definitely a hit from mummy and daughter here!

5. 1 2 3 Count With Me By Tiger Tales

The bright cover leads on into the pages too which is an instant eye-catcher!

A genius idea within the book using trace-and-flip (Yes another book category I hear you say).

This engaging book encourages our toddlers to place their finger within the number and trace it following the outline. T

his tracing helps our young kids to understand how to write the number ready for future writing practise.

The flaps on each page have our children interactively searching for the missing image on the page.  

6. My First Numbers By DK

The DK books very often use real life concept images which can help our little ones associate with the images they are seeing.

The bold illustrations are fantastic for attracting our babies and toddlers attention and will encourage learning to count on each page.

One of my favourite aspects of the book is that it doesn’t just show one set of objects for each number which will keep our children interested for longer. 

7. Let’s Say Our Numbers By Roger Priddy

How many times are the number buttons going to be pressed before our babies and toddlers get bored?

A great number book which will also encourage our toddlers’ speech by listening to how the number is pronounced and will have them trying to copy and repeat. 

8. Babies Love Numbers By Cottage Door Press

This is definitely a book that can be used for younger babies too and not just when we are trying to teach our toddlers how to count.

The thick pages and lift the flaps are ready to go to war with our strong babies.

A simple yet fun and durable book that could be a first of many counting books.

9. Ten Little Ladybugs By Melanie Gerth

A seemingly sad book at first which finishes with a happy ending.

The raised ladybugs are an interesting way for our little learners to start to count from one to ten.

They can pass their fingers across each and every one of the ladybugs in the story and even say ‘hello’ to them all. 

10. 123 Counting Sticker Book By Tiger Tales

This counting sticker book is more for toddlers rather than babies because of the stickers. It is more appropriate for toddlers as they can get more involved by peeling and placing the stickers on the pages with mummy. I don’t know about your toddlers but mine currently goes crazy about stickers and adores practising her fine motor skills by removing each sticker one by one. An exciting interactive book to help our kids learn to count. 

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