Finger Puppet Books {From Babies To Toddlers}

Finger puppet books are fantastic for our growing babies.

The puppets that pop out of the books are an instant attraction for our little ones and grab their attention ready for storytime.

It is equally as good for us mummy’s as it allows us to get into character whilst reading the story.

The older our children will get, the more interactive they will become.

It will be their turn to use the finger puppets before we know it.

Amongst the many books we have in the house, the finger puppet book is always one of the first that is pulled off the shelf in the morning by my little bookworm.

The finger puppet books are equally as great for both babies and growing toddlers.

As the babies become toddlers, the stories and rhymes can be developed to suit both.

Even without reading the book, the finger puppets can be used to create characters to build your own story and let your imaginations go wild.

Five Little Monkeys

This is one of our favourites!

The rhyming words allow storytime to become sing-along time too.

Watch how interactive your little one will become after only a few times of reading this book.

For my daughter, the monkey sound was actually the first animal sound she started to repeat.

Everytime we see a monkey soft toy or on the TV, she is immediately making the monkey noise.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

An old classic rhyme put into a colourful finger puppet book.

The book is perfectly made as it is nice and thick.

It prevents any busy hands from tearing the pages apart.

Using this book you can continue the rhyme and pretend an Itsy Bitsy spider is crawling up our little munchkins arms.

They will love the tickling, soft feeling!

There are lots of other wonderfully, similar books in this range. A few I have listed for you below:

-Old McDonald Had A Farm

-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

-This Little Piggy

-Mommy And Me

-Daddy And Me

Ollie Octopus by Igloo Books

This book has great images that are brightly coloured and draws our toddlers to see what is happening next.

There are four finger puppets which move the wiggly, squiggly legs of Ollie the octopus.

They are made from a fluffy, soft material that our little ones are sure to want to feel between their fingers.

I would recommend this book as being more suitable for toddlers rather than smaller babies.

It’s story uses lots of descriptive words for the movement of the octopus and asks for some mummy/child interaction.

Another similar book to Ollie Octopus is Tickle Time.

Multicolor Monsters

The fun looking monsters in this book come to life with the finger puppet eyes.

It is a fantastic book to help our kiddies learn colours and see how a monster can change personality and noises.

This book allows us mummy’s to have fun creating different voices to differentiate each monster.

Dinosaur Opposites is another great book which uses finger puppet eyes to capture lots of interaction with our little readers.

Little Horse

Bright and simple images.

Little Horse finger puppet book is one of many in a series of “Little….” books, exploring all the many different animals.

We can all have fun teaching our little ones the animal sounds.

It is often questionable on the accuracy of the noises I make.

Luckily our little learners can’t doubt us just yet 😉

Some of the other animal titles are:

Little Giraffe

Little Puppy

Little Moose

Little Crab

The list is endless of these cute animal books.

They become slightly addictive and you will want to continue adding to your collection.

Trying to decide which animal is the cutest and which you should get next is a real life problem.

Sneaky Snappy Mr Croc

What’s better than a finger puppet book?! A hand puppet book of course!

The hand puppet allows us mummy’s to create the opening and shutting effect of Mr Croc’s mouth.

Lightly grab your little munchkins hand or foot with the hand puppet to get them involved.

There will definitely be lots of giggles.

You could also move the hand puppet up to their faces to give kisses to show he isn’t scary.

Do these actions on yourself first so our little ones will be happy for you to copy on them.

Another great book by the same author is Sneezy Wheezy Mr Shark.

Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book

You can’t go wrong with a good old classic tale by Beatrix Potter.

Peter Rabbit holds a special place in my heart from when I was a little girl.

I always remember watching and reading the Beatrix Potter stories.

This book is perfect to continue on memories and traditions within the family.

Sometimes the classics are the best!

Curious George Pat-A-Cake

Curious George is very probably already a well known character at home for most of us.

The cheeky, fun-loving monkey cartoon is a popular choice for our little ones.

This finger puppet book is a wonderful rhyming book that creates a twist on the original Pat-A-Cake rhyme we know!

This Little Piggy

The best part of this finger puppet book is that there are 5 individual finger puppets allowing a different character for each finger.

It is a lovely little book which can build the creativity and imagination of both our little ones and us mummy’s to change and develop the story.

Another similar book which has 5 varied characters is Hey, Diddle Diddle!

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What do you love the most about storytime with your children? 

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