15 Favourite Fall Books For Toddlers

There is something about the transition from the hot summer months to the cooler, crisper fall {autumn} months which I personally love!

It is the perfect opportunity to wrap up warm and see the changes in nature right before your eyes.

There’s no better time to sit down, relax and read some fall books for toddlers under a blanket.

Fall books for toddlers are a fantastic way of showing our little ones all the new changes around us and helping them understand the seasons.

Our favourite 15 fall books for toddlers are filled with beautiful images, touch and feel, lift-the-flap and pop-up which will have our little bookworms jumping for joy!

After reading some of these fall books you’ll be raring to go on adventures with your kiddies to try and find as many leaves, animals etc. as you can which you have recently read about- our toddlers will have an absolute ball

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn By Kenard Pak

Such a cute book which follows a little girl going for a walk through the forest and seeing all the changes in nature as the transition from summer to autumn begins.

The illustrations show the various items and animals that are found during this season whilst the young girl says hello to all of these.

It is a great book to encourage our little ones to notice the changes outside and say hello to new things they see. 

We’re Going On a Leaf Hunt By Steve Metzger

A play on the original We’re Going On A Bear Hunt book which finds the children climbing up mountains and going through forests in the search for lots of different leaves.

The repetitive and rhyming wording to this book allows our children to quickly learn words and get involved with this wonderful book.

Next time you’re out for a walk with you little explorers, you could go on a leaf hunt too and see all the fall colours around. 

Little Acorn By Igloo Books

My daughter and I love this Little Acorn book with its smiley faces on the leaves creating a friendly, attractive book.

Whilst also being visually enjoyable, it teaches our toddlers about the growth and development of an acorn growing into a big tree. 

Fletcher And The Falling Leaves By Julia Rawlinson

Innocent Fletcher the fox wonders why all the leaves are falling off the tree and tries to ‘fix’ the tree and put them all back again.

This is such a sweet book where Fletcher represents our innocent, naive, curious children who are learning about nature and the changes around them.

Mouse’s First Fall By Lauren Thompson

A simple book about the mouse and friend playing in the leaves and enjoying the changes that come with fall.

The illustrations are very bright and are great to catch our little one’s attention.

There are very few words in the book however is still a good choice to show how to play and have fun during fall. 

Room On The Broom By Julia Donaldson

The author of the famous The Gruffalo has written this delightful book which gives a mix of both fall and Halloween.

This is perfect for younger toddlers too as this friendly witch and her adventures will sure make you all smile. We love this book and would recommend all day long!

Touch And Feel Fall Books for Toddlers

I Love Fall By Alison Inches

A delightful book which allows our toddlers to touch a good variety of textures within the book and explores various activities to do during fall with family members and friends.

The only slight criticism I would give this book is that the textures could be more realistic but still definitely worth reading.

Touch And Feel Fall By Scholastic

A touch and feel fall book for babies and younger toddlers.

This word book has large images which stand out really well for our little readers and opens them up to fall vocabulary.

What will be the first word they will be repeating from the book?!

Fall By Roger Priddy

Another simple word book which has clear images showing atypical fall items.

This book is very short with few pages so could only really be used for quite a short period of time.

A lovely starter book for babies exploring fall. 

Fun Fall Day By Tara Knudson

A book full of bright colours with a fun and an upbeat story featuring lots of animals enjoying the harvest fair together.

I really enjoy reading this to my daughter who repeatedly wants to look back at each page to touch and point at the animals.

She is at the stage where it is great fun making the animal noises too so this is an ideal multi functional book. 

Lift-The-Flap Fall Books For Toddlers

Baby Loves Fall By Karen Katz

Who doesn’t love a lift-the-flap book?! Especially when the bright, engaging colours and images add to the excitement of discovering what’s under each flap.

There are many books within the Baby Loves… range which are all just as good as one another. 

Where is Owls Scarf? By Brandy Cooke

A lift-the-flap book which could be perfect as a Bedtime Story as the owl is preparing to go to sleep when he realises his precious scarf is missing.

The owl and our little searchers will go on the hunt for the scarf and look under each flap to see if it can be found so the owl can sleep well at night.

A cosy, fall themed book to make you want to wrap up even tighter on these cold evenings.

Autumn In The Forest By Rusty Finch & Cottage Door Press

I’ve saved the best until last in my opinion; a lift-the-flap book with pop-ups too!

Our little readers (and us) will be running to grab this book numerous times.

The book shows all the different changes in the forest during Autumn time from animals to colours, to textures to nature.

I think this is a truly fabulous book to read together and for our toddlers to learn about this season. 

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