12 Classical Music Books {Babies And Toddlers Will Absolutely Love}

It is frequently heard that playing classical music to your babies and toddlers can be beneficial to them with its soothing notes.

It could very well help our little ones relax- perfect for bedtime reading/ listening.

This type of music is also supposed to help our baby’s language development. Everything’s worth a try right?!

Even for the dubious mummy’s, one thing which we can’t deny is that we should open our little ones minds up to varied music genres such as classical, pop, rock, jazz.

12 Classical Music Books For Babies & Toddlers {They Will Absolutely LOVE}

Whilst searching for other classical music books to add to our book collection I was left rather disappointed by the lack of variety as my daughter absolutely adores her classical music books and without a doubt every day goes in search of her favourite books.

The classical music within the books could also teach any fellow mummy’s a lesson or two- I certainly did after realising my lack of knowledge.

I don’t particularly believe that books should have an age range as whether they are ‘babies’ or ‘toddlers’ doesn’t mean they can’t sit and listen to certain children’s books.

For the purpose of this article I have separated into ‘Babies’ and ‘Toddlers’ sections purely for the fact that the ‘Babies’ books are easier for our little ones to interact with and handle the books themselves.

Best Music Books For Babies

Listen To The Classical Music

One of the first classical music books in our collection and it is beautifully illustrated with large colourful images.

The easy touch ‘buttons’ are perfect for our little readers to find and activate the music themselves.

It is wonderful watching them scour the pages for the button and see how proud they are of their independence.

I love Mozart: My First Sound Book

This is very similar to the previous book however this is dedicated to one of the kings of the classical world, Mozart.

The delightfully clear notes of Mozart’s music make this a great book to use as a sleeping aid to help our little ones wind down ready for bed.

The robust pages allow our curious babies to grab hold of the book and turn the pages with ease without worrying about any rips and tears. 

Baby Einstein: Music All Around

I’m personally loving all things Baby Einstein at the moment after recently receiving a gift for my daughter.

The more I look, the more I want the large majority of their toy/book collections.

The bright colours which are used in this book and the fun, happy characters playing the musical instruments create an exciting ‘story’ to read for our little munchkins to digest. 

Quiet Time Music Book

There’s always hope given by the title of this book that this classical music book allows for a bit of ‘quiet time.’

The relaxing music in fact could very well help our little ones end up in the land of zzzz (this hasn’t yet worked for me but one can always keep hoping.)

The images on the pages show animals in a comfortable position and relaxing ready to listen to the music with our little classical music lovers.  

Ditty Bird Classical Music

Ditty Bird Classical Music immediately pops out at you with its vibrant colours and happy faces of the animals on the cover.

Ditty Bird has a wide range of musical books to choose from Christmas songs to nursery rhymes.

It is a nice, compact book which is still very sturdy for our heavy handed readers with a cute little story to be told so the book can be continuously used through to toddler age. 

Bedtime With Mozart

The aim and purpose of this book is given away in the title.

The relaxing, lullaby music will be a great addition to the bedtime routine.

It is a short book with very few words but will allow our little munchkins to find the touch buttons easily whilst looking at the night time illustrations on each page. 

Dance To Classical Music

Dance To Classic Music is part of the same line of books as Bedtime With Mozart but as in the title it is wanting the opposite effect of going to sleep.

It encourages our little ones to get up and show their best dance moves with their toy friends too.

Let’s see the best dance moves you have too mummy’s!!

There is another article on our website 10 Action Songs For Toddlers {Songs To Get Toddlers Moving And Grooving} if you would like other ideas to get your toddlers dancing around.

Best Music Books For Toddlers

Poppy And The Orchestra

I have lost count the number of times we have read this book over and over again.

My daughter actually got given this as a gift when she was around 6 months old.

At first I had my doubts that it was way too early to be starting looking at this book but how wrong was I!

As mentioned early I have separated the books into ‘babies’ and ‘toddlers’ because of the difficulty level mainly pressing the buttons.

These buttons are actually quite difficult to press and get the pressure right, even as a nearly 16 month old and having used this book for many months, my little one still struggles to press correctly.

However it is so wonderful reading this book and listening to the different instruments and music that is played.

We even have our favourite instrument in the book- the bassoon.

Poppy And Vivaldi

 Yes I just had to include another one of these books in my list because I personally can’t recommend them enough going off my little reader’s response to them.

The illustrations show the bright, full of life Venice from all directions.

The music makes you feel like you have been transported to this mesmerising place in Italy- we can always dream whilst we’re reading this brilliant book to our little toddlers.

Allegro: A Musical Journey Through 11 Musical Masterpieces

This enchanting story of a little boy who is tired of learning to play the piano until he gets taken on a musical journey listening to the wonderful music.

This book is a fantastic change from most of the other classical music books for toddlers as it gives a wide variation and doesn’t use the stereotypical artists.

I find the images quite grown up and feel they slightly lack vivid colours which are automatically appealing for the younger readers.

Nonetheless this is a great book to explore with your little ones.

Noisy Orchestra

A simple introduction to various instruments within an orchestra which shows the animals preparing for a show.

The buttons down the side of the book allow them all to be pressed and pressed again after reading the text on each page.

We all know our little ones won’t be able to resist touching them and hearing the beautiful sounds of the instruments.

Usborne books are always a guarantee!!

Little Children’s Music Book

Another Usborne book which tells a pretty similar story to Noisy Orchestra however this is based on wildlife animals in the forest.

I would definitely say it is best to choose one or the other of these two books because of their similarities.

The music is wonderfully clear in this book and even when the orchestra is playing together at the end, it is easy to distinguish each of the instrumental sounds. 

Hope you’ve found something in this list for you and your little one.
And if you have YOUR favorite music book we’d love to know! Just type it in the comments below 😊

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