16 Exciting Hide And Seek Books & Peekaboo Books {That Will Have Your Kids Laughing Along}

Hide And Seek Books & Peekaboo books are wonderful ways of incorporating the peekaboo game which never seems to get old for most babies and young toddlers which then leads on to hide and seek for the slightly older kiddies.

The simple game of hiding your face behind your hands and shouting PEEKABOO as you reveal your face often gets the biggest smiles and giggles from such a young age.

The older our infants get the more fun the game can become whilst also using these super fun peekaboo & hide and seek books time and time again.

Our kiddies love the surprise aspect of peekaboo and hide and seek therefore bringing these into the books too is a sure winner.

The discovery of who or what is behind the flaps in the books or simply on the next page definitely keeps our children gripped. We have our favourite Lift The Flap books here.

Whilst reading these books try exaggerating the actions and surprises and listen to the addictive howls of laughter coming from our babies and toddlers.

The peekaboo and hide and seek books can be used in different ways for various age ranges and babies can have just as much fun as older toddlers. No matter how many times the books are read (and perhaps even the surprise element has disappeared), our babies and toddlers just can’t stop smiling with these exciting books. 

16 Exciting Hide & Seek Peekaboo Books

We have discussed a short selection of our favourite peekaboo books in our Best Books for 1 year olds article but keep reading for our complete list.

New hiding place ideas may be found for our little ones within the books too whilst also learning prepositions (eg. above, below, behind etc.) to our older toddlers. 

Hide And Seek Books

Can You Say It Too? Woof! Woof! By Nosy Crow

The brightly coloured illustrations are one of my favourite parts about this book. There are few pages but just enough to have our toddlers jumping for joy when they see what animal is hiding away.

The final page has a double flap which my daughter absolutely loves and very often goes straight for the last page.

Hide And Seek Harry At The Beach By Kenny Harrison

I think Harry the hippo impersonates a toddler playing hide and seek in a perfect light. It is just so adorable seeing the delight of our toddlers when they think they have found the ideal hiding spot but to us it oh-so obvious!

It is hard not to like this book when Harry tries to hide at the beach. 

Hide And Seek Under The Sea By Silver Dolphin Books

The rhyming descriptive paragraph is a great way to introduce and try to get our children to guess what is playing hide and seek under the sea. 

It is a good way of building language and teaching new adjectives for not only describing objects in this book but in our everyday lives. 

Five Little Monkey’s Play Hide And Seek By Eileen Christelow

These five cheeky monkeys just want to continue playing, jumping on the bed isn’t enough, next up hide and seek.

I love the rhyming of this book which may not only have your little ones start counting but have lots of big smiles as they’re reading.

My little girl loves shaking her finger telling the monkey’s ‘No, No, No’ in the original book so adding the hide and seek game will sure to be a success. 

Hide-And-Seek On The Farm By Highlights

Farmyard animals are always a big success with our babies and toddlers as they try to find lots of different objects hiding around the farm.

I wonder how many different sound effects we can make as we’re going through the pages?!

Llama Llama Hide And Seek By Anna Dewdney

As an already big fan of Llama Llama, this book was always going to bring lots of enjoyment to my daughter. She loves helping Llama Llama try and find the fuzzy Llama that he just can’t seem to find anywhere.

Hearing her attempt to say “llama” too is just the cutest thing in the world.

Help! My dinosaurs are lost in the city! By Webber Books

We have all heard of the Where’s Wally books for big kids (adults included in this description), right?!

Well this delightful book is a younger kids version of these hide and seek books.

The bright illustrations have our children searching for the dinosaurs throughout the city.

There are lots of other titles in this range which are sure to capture our kiddies attention:

And many more!!

Flutterby Butterfly: Slide And Seek Book By Emma Parrish

This slide and seek book or sometimes known as push and pull books is great for finding the butterfly that just doesn’t want to keep still and is flying away.

The bold and fun illustrations plus the sliders encourage our kids to interact during storytime and see what they will find along the way.

Check out our other favourite push and pull books here

Peekaboo Books

Peek-a who? By Nina Laden

This lovable, funny and full of anticipation little board book is the perfect book for those little hands.

It’s a timeless classic in its genre for all good reasons.

There’s a sneak peak hole on the page that makes you guess what’s around the corner. As you flip the page you discover what that really is.Simple rhyme flows seamlessly as you flip the pages.

A darling book for 1 year olds that they’ll continue to adore as they grow. It’s also a great book for beginner readers.

Pop Up Peekaboo Things That Go By DK

A lovely book to look at different kinds of transport and see which will be the next one under the flaps.

Encourage your toddlers to guess what is the next form of transport they will see.

Even after reading a few times when they will know what is to come next, they still love the ‘surprise.’

Baby Peekaboo By Amy Pixton

This book brings the ‘real life’ game of peekaboo into the book as it shows this family playing with each other around the house and going into different rooms.

Your little one will be beyond excited to play with you again after reading this book.

Peekaboo Morning By Rachel Isadora

Super cute illustrations which will give your little hiding monkeys ideas about where they can hide next.

Get practicing your shocked faces mummies as they ‘hide’ behind a small cushion or even your leg 😉

Peekaboo Elmo By Constance Allen

Elmo and his friends will play a fun game of peekaboo around Sesame Street.

Can you and your son/daughter find the characters hiding among the objects?!

This will have a hint of nostalgia for you seeing all the Sesame Street characters.

Peekaboo Kisses By Barney Saltzberg

LOVE this book which has flaps to lift, squeakers to press and mirrors to look at.

This brightly coloured book has fun illustrations of animals hiding behind their hands and encourages lots of kisses to be given.

You may even be lucky enough to cop a kiss while your little one is being extra generous with their love.

The Wonderful World Of Peekaboo By Melissa & Doug

An ideal pick for the younger readers because it’s just so baby proof and soft.

Their very first lift the flap book to start their delightful collection which will be full of surprises discovering what’s under each flap.

The size of this book is actually quite big compared to most soft books.

Great for using on your travels too without worrying that it might get battered around (yes, I’m speaking from past experience).

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