Top 12 Lift The Flap Books {Interactive Books For Babies And Toddlers}

Lift the flap books are a play on the classic hide and seek game that is one of the first things toddlers learn to play.

If the squeals of excitement I get from my daughter when playing are anything to go by then the books were always going to be a success.

Our toddlers love the sense of surprise they get when turning the pages and finding the next flap to reveal what is underneath.

The excitement never seems to prevail for the little ones- even on the hundredth time of opening each flap!!

I can’t guarantee that this high level of excitement will still be there for us mummy’s though!

Lift the flap books are ideal for both babies who can watch how to use the book and toddlers who are able to get involved with story time themselves and see what they can find in each book.

I would definitely recommend mummy’s supervising their little ones while using these books (especially the younger readers) as from past experience I have come back to parts missing and being chewed like a little puppy.

Obviously the suspense of seeing what was under each flap was just too much for my little girl.

Not only are they wonderful interactive books to add to your collection, but they are perfect for improving your little toddlers fine motor skills.

The younger toddlers can use the books to learn some new vocabulary whilst the older toddlers can benefit by improving their speech and imagination with the different scenarios.

Spot’s Birthday Party By Eric Hill

A variation of the original Where’s Spot book which sees Spot the dog excitedly running around the house playing hide and seek with his animal friends.

Favorite Lift-The-Flap Books for Babies and Toddlers.

The Spot range was an old favourite of mine from my childhood therefore it is all the more special being able to read it with my 15 month old now.

These books are great for exposing our little ones to various adverbs such as ‘behind,’ ‘on,’ ‘in’ etc. whilst allowing them to see a visual example with the images on each page.

First 101 Words By Highlights Learning

I love the high contrast colours in this book!

There are lots of images for our toddlers to gaze at whilst mummy introduces all the new words.

They can also help find the flap on the pages which reveals a short, simple sentence to read out to encourage further interaction.

The older toddlers can probably respond to some of the sentences and questions after some time of using this book.

Oh Dear! A Farm By Rod Campbell

We all love a farm animal book so we can get involved and do our best impersonations of each animal.

This lift the flap book is lots of fun as the animals go in search of eggs in the barnyard for breakfast.

Our little readers will be easily remembering and shouting out the names of the animals behind each flap before they’ve even been lifted before we know it!

Playtown By Roger Priddy

I would recommend Playtown as a lift the flap book for older toddlers purely for the fact that there are more complex images and more advanced words to be learning.

However there is no harm in purchasing this book slightly beforehand and introducing it to our curious observers.

I am instantly attracted to this book because of its fun and rainbow inspired front cover.

They say never judge a book by its cover, but in this case how can you not?!

There are other books in this range based in different places which are just as attractive for example:

Playtime Peekaboo By DK

This DK book range has a wide choice of similar peekaboo books for you to take your pick.

Playtime Peekaboo doubles up as a touch and feel book.

As you will have seen by now, our toddlers love to touch anything that their little fingers can reach.

Perfect for a sensory story time!

The large flaps on this book make it easier for our young ones to get to grips with.

Other cute books in this range are:

Baby’s Box Of Fun By Karen Katz

3 books in this set of lift the flap books which are ideal for teaching our little learners parts of the body.

Repeatedly using these fun books will encourage our toddlers to copy us and in fact point out the body parts featured in the book.

My little girl gets so much enjoyment from showing mummy where her ears are.

She ever so kindly takes lots of delight from finding mummy’s ears too and pulling them.

I’m finding the positives in that and focusing on her achievements rather than those cheeky pulls of the ears.

Shark In The Park By Nick Sharratt

This is one of our favourite books with its colourful cover and beautiful ending.

We love getting interactive with this book and creating our very own telescope made from a toilet paper roll to look for the sharks fin.

A must have to your lift the flap collections in our opinion!

Babies Love Numbers By Cottage Door Press

Another book which is nice and robust ready for our little ones to get their hands on.

Babies Love Numbers can be used as a first numbers book made fun.

You and your little can count the different animals and lift the flap to discover what can be found underneath.

I try and encourage my daughter to point and help me count on each page whilst also describing each animal too.

The Babies Love books help to encourage the ‘basic’ and initial language ready for our future little readers to recount the story back to us.

There are other Babies Love Books which I have found that would be equally as good for learning:

4 Chunky Lift A Flap Board Books: Little Red Barn, Little Yellow Bee, Little Blue Boat, Little Green Frog By Cottage Door Press & Ginger Swift

My favourite things about these books are the images on each page.

They allow you to be creative and talk about other things that can be seen and pointing out each one.

Each book is based outdoors such as at the ocean or at the pond which gives a fab variation for our little observers to see.

Zoom Zoom Baby By Karen Katz

Help try and find the cheeky little baby amongst the different types of transport.

You can even get practicing your noises for each of the vehicles or make up your own and see how long it is before your toddlers laughing at the strange noises they are hearing.

Unfortunately they are probably laughing at us and thinking how crazy we are!

Baby Einstein Circles And Squares By Scarlett Wing & Cottage Door Press

I absolutely love the Baby Einstein books and toys.

I just love the colourful pages and the illustrations they use.

Inside the book there are questions based on what can be seen which of course can then be used when our little ones are bigger.

In the meantime mummy can ask the questions and shows our curious little spectators what we are looking for.

A great interactive book for all!

Where’s The Duck? by Nosy Crow

A simple peek-a-boo book but just as effective!

I like the felt flaps on these books to give a touch and feel which could be used also starting from babies.

The felt makes finding those flaps just that little bit easier for our bookworms.

There are lots and lots of other animals in this collection so you can have an easy pick to find your favourite animal.

I personally chose the duck because my daughter and I always search for the ducks outside of our window at home, living next to a river.

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Top 12 Lift The Flap Books For Babies & Toddlers

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