12 Festive Christmas Books For Toddlers & The Whole Family

Christmas books for toddlers are a magical way for our little munchkins to learn, discover and understand the most wonderful time of year!

Since becoming mummy’s it is even more important for us to create those special moments and bring the Christmas spirit into the home.

Introducing Christmas books into our book collections are perfect for building that Christmas excitement whilst also teaching traditions.

These Christmas books can be a huge part of that tradition too.

There really is nothing better than seeing our toddlers delight and pure joy from the festivities.

Magical Christmas Books For Toddlers

1. The Polar Express By Chris Van Allsburg

I had to start with an old classic of a christmas book which has also been brought to life in a movie.

A young boy gets transported on an adventure on Christmas Eve whilst he’s lying in bed unable to sleep because of the Christmas excitement.

Polar Express brings some magic to Christmas and is a wonderful book to sit down as a family to make it a tradition. 

2. Twas The Night Before Christmas By Clement C. Moore

An updated version of another classical book.

Controversially for some, the unethical parts and some of the original wording in the book have been removed to avoid any uproar in the modern world.

Personally I enjoy both editions but I appreciate the updated illustrations to make it more eye-catching for our excited little ones.

3. Christmas Songs By Holly Berry-Byrd & Cottage Press

Our toddlers can’t have Christmas without some Christmas carols to get them in the spirit.

I’m all for the christmas songs even if December hasn’t arrived just yet so let’s prepare our young singers early with this fun book.

How many of these Christmas carols do you know the words to before having to repeat them many times now?

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Snowy Hide & Seek By Eric Carle

See one of our favourite book characters in a beautifully snowy setting.

I love the finger trail in this book which encourages our toddlers to be interactive and follow the trail so see what they will find under the flaps.

The Christmas characters are all very excited to meet the famous very hungry caterpillar.

5. The Sweet Smell Of Christmas By Patricia Scarry

This is actually the first time that I’ve seen a scented book.

Most books use senses to encourage interaction with their mini readers but generally it is touch, sight or noise.

The Sweet Smell Of Christmas allows their smell senses to go wild and discover the delicious scents you would associate with Christmas.

Our toddlers will be trying to sniff and smell everything in sight next.

6. Santa’s Workshop By Holly Berry-Byrd & Cottage Press

A simple book which will broaden our little munchkins vocabulary by pointing and recognising the Christmas objects at the North Pole.

The lift-the-flap will make them curious to discover what other new things there are to see underneath and new words to learn.

An ideal first Christmas themed book for babies and younger toddlers.

Our favourite lift-the-flap books can be found here.

7. Christmas In The Manger By Nola Buck & Felicia Bond

A book which will teach our young ones the traditional parts of Christmas.

The rhyming sentences and the simple illustrations are a light way of introducing the nativity to our toddlers.

A resistant book that will last through the years as the babies become older toddlers. 

8. Bear Stays Up At Christmas By Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

An adorable book where Bear’s friends try their very best to keep him awake for Christmas.

It is such a cute book that shows the animal friends coming together to help Bear.

Cuddle up under a blanket in the winter months reading this together with your very own Christmas Bear.

9. Dear Santa By Rod Campbell

A twist on the original Dear Zoo book but this time instead of trying to find a perfect pet, we are trying to find a perfect present for a very special child.

Lift the flaps with your little ones to see what present ideas Santa has.

A fantastically bright book which you will all love!

10. Construction Site On Christmas Night By Sherry Duskey-Rinker

Another Christmas book taken from the original Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site which is a wonderful bedtime story.

Our favourite bedtime books are can be found clicking here.

The construction site gets a special Christmas surprise after all of the hard work done building a new home for fire engines.

Our toddlers will love reading through the pages with mummy to discover what that special surprise will be.

11. A Silly Milly Christmas By Sheri Wall

Milly the dog really is oh so silly!

Our little readers will be giggling through the book as they see Milly find some silliness in everything she does.

How could anyone be annoyed with this curious little pup even if she does get up to no good every so often.

12. The Littlest Reindeer By Brandi Dougherty

A heart-warming book about a little reindeer that wants to become one of the reindeers pulling Santa’s sleigh.

A lovely message behind this story telling our kids to keep practising at things if at first they can’t do it.

Practice makes perfect as they say!

What are your toddler’s favorites Christmas Books?
We’re always looking for inspiration, so hit reply in the comments! 🙂

The Best Christmas Books For Toddlers & The Whole Family!

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