10+Awesome Apple Books Your Toddlers Will Love

Reading books about apples is an ideal way of our toddlers learning about something new and interesting.

The illustrations in the books may show how apples are collected, how apples can be used or simply familiarising them with this atypical fall fruit.

The change of season from summer to fall not only brings different colours and textures but also a change in food.

Our curious toddlers are sure to be happy to experiment with these new tastes and reading with mummy to gain a better understanding of their ever changing surroundings.

Take a look at our favourite fall books and books about pumpkins too for other wonderful reading suggestions for this time of year.

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Awesome Seasonal Books About Apples Your Toddler Will Love!

5 Little Apples By Yusuke Yonezu

A cute lift-the-flap book which combines learning to count (and also counting backwards) and seeing different animals eating the tasty apples.

It’s not just us big and little people that enjoy eating lots of crunchy apples-animals do too! 

How Do Apples Grow? By Jill McDonald

It is difficult to decide but this may be my favourite of the books about apples.

It is so very informative but explaining everything in simple terms which makes it easier for our toddlers to digest.

I actually learnt some interesting facts too- we’re never too old to learn hey!

I love the simplicity of this cover too which our little ones will grab over and over again. 

Apples and Pumpkins By Anne Rockwell

We already talked about this book in Top 10 Books About Pumpkins.

It has a perfect combination of learning about fall harvest, both apples and pumpkins (the easy clue is in the title).

It shows the delight and excitement of a little girl going out apple and pumpkin.

Can you imagine how much fun our toddlers could have too going out exploring!!

Ten Red Apples By Pat Hutchins

The apples are in demand as all the farm animals and the farmer want to get to the apples on the tree first.

This book can be used to learn how to count from 1 to 10 plus seeing all the farm animals that love eating apples!

Apple Farmer Annie By Monica Wellington

A book for both mummy and toddler!

Our little readers can learn all about the process of an apple being picked to what it can be used for whilst mummy can make good use of the recipes in the book- win win!

I think it is a great idea that after reading the book, our toddlers can also see mummy using the apples and cooking in the kitchen ready for everyone to try at mealtime. 

Apple Picking Day By Candice Ransom

Apple Picking Day can be used for mummy to read to her little munchkins so they can learn about how fun it is going to pick apples at the orchard.

It is a fab book to use in the near future too for the first attempts at reading when our little ones have grasped the concept of the alphabet and some syllables. 

Pat The Bunny : At The Apple Orchard By Golden Books

For the younger readers and one of the simpler books to learn about apples but equally as cute as the others.

A lovely book to introduce fall to our interested little bookworms.

The title of this book could be slightly misleading as in fact the bunny is called Pat and there aren’t actually any touch-and-feel parts to the book- yes I fell for this too!

Apples, Apples, Apples By Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Another book with a recipe of something that can be made with all these wonderful apples during fall.

Us mummy’s are definitely going to be kept busy with all of these recipes!

I love the chart in the book which can be used with older toddlers to talk more in depth about the variety of apples and how they can be used. 

Eat ‘em Ups Apples By Gail Tuchman

A delightful rhyming book which entertains but also educates our children at the same time.

It’s great to see the excitement in the kiddies faces as they run to collect the apples from the trees. 

Amelia Badelia’s First Apple Pie By Herman Parish

I really enjoy the illustrations in this book and feel that it captures fall perfectly.

Follow Amelia as she spends some time with her grandparents picking the apples ready to make her first ever apple pie with the help of grandma.

This book suggests readers 4years+ however I think even younger toddlers can enjoy this book just as much.

Ten Apples Up On Top By Dr Seuss & Theo LeSieg

A fun Dr Seuss book about animal friends having a little competition about how many apples they can balance on top of their head.

We enjoy this book to help learning to count from 1 to 10 whilst encouraging our little ones to joke around and try to balance things too.

We have a fun Apple Tree activity which could be used during learning and reading about apples too.

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