21 Best Sound Books For Babies And Toddlers

Sound books are one of my favorite books that are perfect for as for newborn babies so as for older toddlers.

Depending on the age you can use them differently and your child will be able to interact and play with them differently. But what’s more important is that sound books grow with a child.

So if you decide to invest in one, or better yet a couple, you and your baby are going to have lots of fun.

You can start playing and reading gentle sound books to newborn babies and even earlier than that 😉

Hearing is one of the most developed senses.

Babies are able to hear sounds well before birth. So it’s never too early to introduce and repeat gentle sounds of the world they are about to be born into.

Sounds Books by Usborne are, hands-down, my favorite.

The quality of sound is so realistic that it makes you feel that you’re right there: at the farm, in the garden, in the wood, in the jungle etc.

They have beautiful bright illustrations with sparkly elements and short stories that complement scene on each page.

Sounds are activated as you touch a finger pad sensor and you can deactivate all sensors using an ON or OFF switch on the back of the book.

What makes these books unique is that there are sturdy cut outs, peek throughs and finger trails on each page. What a great sensory experience for those little hands!

Best Sound Book For Babies
(with gentle sounds and sensory exploration)

As your baby gets older you can introduce sounds books with more intense sounds and noises like wild animal sounds, farm, sounds, sounds for the vehicles etc.

I remember my little one was scared of the cow mooing sound at about 8 months. So I waited a couple weeks to reintroduce it again. 

Now it brings smile to his face and he loves playing his farm sounds book.

Usborne has some amazing sounds books of this kind but I love getting a few from other publishers to have more variety. 

For example, some of the books I recommend besides the sound also have a tactile element to touch and feel. And who doesn’t love to pat soft fur of a chick, a lamb or horse mane?

Children LOVE exploring different textures with their little fingers.

Best Sound Book For Toddlers

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21 Best Sound Books for Babies & Toddlers

Does your baby love sound books? What are your favorites?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to know!

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