The 11 Best Pop-Up Books For Kids

Pop-up books for kids are certain to bring the story to life and allow our little ones to create elaborate scenes in their mind and their imaginations will be explored.

The stories can become more animated by seeing something 3D right before their eyes.

The special part of pop-up books is that they can be used for young toddlers and for many more years to come with so much excitement each and every time.

After reading these delightful pop-up books for kids it will inspire yourself and your children to both create your own little scene with teddies, dolls and figures that you have at home. 

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Below you will find our favourite 11 pop-up books that each have their own exciting illustrations.

1. Pop Up Dinosaur By Roger Priddy

A great dinosaur book where the dinosaur pops out to “Roar.”

The 3D dinosaur creates the chance to move the book and visualise the story as the dinosaur is stomping along the pages.

The kiddies will love to get their hands on the dinosaurs and discover the different types.

2. The Wide-Mouthed Frog By Keith Faulkner

Mr Frog just loves to use his big wide mouth and is very curious of what’s happening around him.

He comes across another green animal which also has a very large mouth and VERY big teeth, what could it be?!

Fantastic pop-ups in this book!

3. The Color Monster By Anna Llenas

Love love love everything about this book; the illustrations and the message behind the book!

This delightful book encourages little ones to express how they are feeling and open up to explain their emotions.

Such a diverse kind of book from the usual books teaching colours, numbers, animals.

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4. Brush Your Teeth Please By Jean Pidgeon

Pop up animals which all clean their teeth and set a good example for our young ones to follow their lead.

It is a good idea making fun out of the dreaded teeth cleaning routine by seeing all the ways that the animals in this book clean. 

5. Birthday Bugs By David A. Carter

It normally happens that the squirmy creatures that make us adults shiver are a big hit for our little ones.

A book full of pop-up bugs that are celebrating a birthday will have them smiling throughout.

This book even comes with a birthday hat so that our toddlers can join in the party too.

6. Colors Pop-Up Peekaboo By DK

The vibrant colours of the book will instantly draw young readers’ attention to this book along with the pop up images on the page which they will love to touch and feel.

As well as learning about colours in the book, the illustrations bring so much life to each page and makes you want to keep turning those pages. 

7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pop-Up Book By Eric Carle

An old classic that every child needs in their book collection. The pop-up addition to the book makes it even more special to tell the story of how a caterpillar develops into the most beautiful of butterflies by eating lots of food.

This book has grown with my little girl as she initially loved poking her fingers through the holes, to over a matter of a year being able to name all the different foods in the book- proud mum moment!

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8. Dear Zoo Pop-Up By Rod Campbell

Which of the animals can fit inside the travel crate?!

We love exaggerating and repeating the words on each page when we see which animals are behind each flap. An example from one of the pages is “too big” so we always say “TOO BIG, TOO BIG” and stretch our arms out to show the meaning of big also.

This pop-up version makes this book that even more special.  

9. Numbers, Colours, Opposites, Shapes And Me By Ingela P Arrhenius

Not only is this wonderful as a pop-up book but is great for improving language comprehension and the question on each page allows for lots of interaction and fun to be had.

The difficulty of the activity can be varied as our young toddlers become older yet will still love the book. 

10. Pop-Up Jungle By Ingela P Arrhenius

Another pop-up book for kids by the Ingela P Arrhenius!

A great starter pop-up book with beautiful illustrations but very few words.

Despite the lack of words it can be a fantastic book that you can elaborate with your young kids and create your very own little story for each page.

The pop-ups will fascinate your children as they jump out of the pages. 

11. Five Cars Stuck And One Big Truck By David A Carter

Pop-up, lift-the-flap, pull and slide….this delightful book is full of fun and surprises for our kids.

The rhyming of the pages allows both kids and us parents to follow the story easily as a family goes a trip but with some problems along the way.

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