11 Books About Love For Kids {From Babies Onwards}

LOVE is something which we all have abundances of and when we become parents that love just seems to explode.

Our children are our biggest love and it is important to show exactly how much they are loved.

Reading books about love for kids is an adorable way to show how love can be displayed in many different ways.

Nothing beats cuddling up with our son’s and daughter’s and reading one of these super cute books.

Books about love for kids are often bought even before our babies have arrived and us parents envisage that perfect moment of reading to our newborns after an evening bath.

These books can be given at baby showers, birthdays or Valentines Day to show our deep, forever love to our kids.

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1. In My Heart By Jo Witek

An absolutely delightful book which teaches our young kids that the heart doesn’t only feel love but many other feelings too.

The illustrations in the book are beautiful and work well with the words on each page.

This book can teach our ever growing kids that all different feelings in the heart are perfectly normal. 

2. Love Monster By Rachel Bright

Monsters are not typically known to be very good looking creatures and the Love Monster is no exception- He just wants to be loved for who he is.

This adorable book shows how it’s not always easy to find love but everyone sooner or later finds someone or something that will love them for who they are.

I don’t know about you, but the sad monster illustration on the cover just makes me want to give him a big hug ( maternal instincts and all of that!)

3. I’ll Love You Until The Cows Come Home By Kathryn Christaldi

A fun, silly, rhyming way of telling our toddlers and kids just how much they are loved in lots of different ways.

It is such a beautifully endearing book which not only shows different definitions of love but is a delightful opportunity to cuddle up with your little ones. 

4. I Love You To The Moon And Back By Amelia Hepworth 

How can we resist a book with this title?!

A perfectly cute book which shows the love between a parent and baby as they go and explore the outdoors and appreciate the little, most important things in life.

The subtle, ‘evening’ colours make the book a great go-to book for bedtime storytime. Take a look at our other favourite Bedtime Stories For Babies & Toddlers article here.

5. Guess How Much I Love You By SamMcBratney

Such a sturdy book which will hold out with the strong hands of our little ones.

This is often a very first book that is bought for many babies (even before they are born) which has a cute title but also shows how love has now boundaries.

I would even say this book can go down as a classic amongst our children’s book collections. 

6. The Invisible String By Patrice Karst

The Invisible String book could be among my favourite of the books about love for kids.

It is something that I would like to explain to my 21month old daughter when she has more understanding that even if you can’t physically see someone then there’s always an invisible string connecting them with love.

I love this way of thinking and a good way of explaining certain situations to our little ones. 

7. Love From The Crayons By Drew Daywalt

The illustrations were the initial impact which drew my attention to this book.

It could be used to teach colours along with learning about love and the different meanings.

I think this book has a similar ‘feel’ to In My Heart which I am instantly attracted to.

The only downside for some is that it is a short book and would only really be suitable for younger kids. 

8. The Love Letter By Anika Aldamuy Denise

A sweet story which shows how a simple love letter can make someone so happy- even the cute animals in this book.

Love is all around, also in the forest!

Try and discover with the other animals who started the kindness act of the love letter. 

9. Love From The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle

A very short but sweet book featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar which is a perfect present to show your love to a little one.

Eric Carle is always a winner with his books and the delightful illustrations. The three short words “I Love You” are definitely portrayed in this book.

10. I Love You From Everywhere By K P Hofer

I Love You From Everywhere has an extra special meaning for us as we live far from my family and we only manage to see them a few times a year.

This book is a beautiful way to show our children that despite the long distance they are always loved.

It is wonderful to see our long distance family members reading this book with my little girl to reinforce the love they have for each other.

11. Love You Forever By Robert Munsch

There are very diverse opinions on this book that was originally published in 1986.

In fact you can probably tell its age as the illustrations look slightly dated however

I find the story endearing with its emphasis on forever love from a baby to an elderly person. 

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