Easy To Make Footprint Christmas Cards {Christmas Fun}

When thinking about sending Christmas cards to family and friends, it is always that little bit more special when the cards are homemade.

Add an extra special touch from the young children in the family by creating footprint Christmas cards which will leave our dearest extremely happy!

Not only is it a beautiful gift in itself but the card is a perfect memory keepsake too.

Footprint Christmas cards are ideal for getting into the Christmas spirit with your little ones.

This is a great activity on a cold or rainy day during the winter months which gives a creative finished result.

Our kiddies are sure to have fun when they know they’re allowed to do the usually forbidden activity; paint their feet!!!

Using our children’s footprints on Christmas cards are fantastic to do year after year to see their progression and growth through the years.

Below are a few simple ideas to turn our little munchkins footprints into fantastic footprint Christmas cards the everyone will adore!

What You Will Need:

  • Plain Paper
  • Coloured Paper/Card
  • Poster Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Goggly Eyes
  • Pompoms
  • Sequins
  • Coloured Pens
  • Glue stick

*Coloured pens can be used as goggly eyes/ pompoms/ sequins alternative.

*A glue stick is preferred over liquid glue.


Place a mat or a large cloth down on the floor along with tissues and wipes ready to clean paint filled feet after the activity.

This is especially important for those mums with toddlers who would love to leave a painted footprint trail around the house at any given chance.


  1. Prepare plain paper and cut to desired size ( I went for A5 size as I wanted to fit two footprints on each card).
  2. Place paint in a pot/tray and get painting those cute little toes and feet using the paintbrushes. You will probably get lots of giggles from your kiddies as the paintbrush and paint tickles their feet.
  3. Guide your little ones painted foot onto the paper and press down with slight pressure to get a successful stamp.
  4. Leave pieces of paper to dry out of reach of any curious hands before doing the next step.
  5. Decide which design you would like to create and follow the remaining steps.


  1. Glue a red sequin or pompom on the heal of the footprint as the reindeer’s nose.
  2. Glue goggly eyes in position
  3. Use either paint or coloured pens to design the antlers.


  1. When stamping the footprints down, try to get the heals of the feet as close together as possible in preparation for next step.
  2. Use red sequins/ pompoms/ coloured pen to draw three berries between the heals of the footprints.
  3. Draw holly leaves coming from the berries to finish the drawing.

Christmas Trees

  1. Add a pompom to represent the star/topper of the tree
  2. Add various sequins as the tree decorations. Put as many or as few as desired.
  3. Use a brown coloured pen or paint to design the tree base.

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