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Top 10 Puzzles For 2 Year Olds To Enjoy Whilst Learning

Puzzles for 2 year olds are a fantastic activity which oozes in benefits for our toddlers whilst they are also having bundles of fun.

Puzzles are a simple activity yet a statement in all childhood memories. Over time puzzles just never seem to become lost amongst all the new and upcoming toys around and can stand on their own two feet as a perfect at home activity for all.

Not only are puzzles a firm favourite for our children but they are enjoyed right through until adulthood.

Whilst choosing which puzzle/s would be the best pick for your two year olds, I think it is important not to overwhelm our kiddies by choosing something that is too advanced for their age right away.

If our little ones see a toy or activity that they do not understand and cannot comprend then their interest will go elsewhere.

Yes, of course if, and once the puzzles have been completed for their appropriate age then the next step up can be attempted- “One step at a time.”

puzzles for 2 year olds

Benefits Of Puzzles For 2 Year Olds

  • Problem Solving
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Individual or Group Play
  • Fine Motor Skills

Puzzles For 2 Year Olds

1. Timy Wooden Number Puzzles 

I love how this puzzle can be used both now with our two year olds but also for many years to come when they start learning additions, subtractions as school begins and even multiplication and division a little later on.

An educational puzzle that will encourage our kids to learn their numbers whilst playing. 

2. Airlab 6 in 1 Wooden Block Puzzle

The simplicity of these blocks offer so much potential when it comes to puzzles.

Who would have thought that nine cubes could create so much fun for our toddlers.

Not only will they love to put all the different animals together into one beautiful image but they will also love making a tower with the blocks. 

3. Beestech Jigsaw Puzzles

The thicker than average puzzle pieces are ideal for our two year olds to get to grips.

I think it is a great idea to have various levels of puzzles within the set, starting with fewer pieces for the beginners and younger participants leading to more pieces as their puzzle skills improve. 

4. The Learning Journey -Match It! Spelling Jr

Although these puzzle pieces are based around putting words and images together I think they can still be used for younger toddlers from the age of two years old.

It will be great for them to become familiar with seeing the letters and words next to the images for future learning.

Even if the construction of the words just isn’t appealing yet for our kiddies then the brightly coloured pieces are sure to catch their attention. 

5. Heads & Tails By SpriteGru

There really are 48 puzzles with this set!

As you can imagine, placing all of the pieces out and allowing our two year olds to fend for themselves would be a little overwhelming.

I would recommend setting out a few puzzles at a time and the amount of puzzles can eventually be increased.

The double-sided pieces allow even more opportunity for new puzzles to be created.

The large amount of puzzles keeps freshness and enthusiasm whilst playing with puzzles for 2 year olds. 

6. The Learning Journey- Match It Head To Tail

As mentioned in The Best Puzzles For 1 Year Olds, I would continue to recommend this puzzle even for two year olds.

Animals remain one of the hot topics of interest for our two year olds and they just love naming the animals, making the animal sounds and even starting to name the colours and body parts of the animals too.

Isn’t it crazy how much they can learn and improve in such a short space of time!

7. Button Art Puzzles

This set is a fun, creative alternative to a ‘regular’ puzzle which involves putting pieces together.

These many images allow for our 2 year olds to use their bright imagination to match colours and place the buttons in their places.

Otherwise our little ones can decide for themselves where they want to put the coloured buttons and create their very own unique image.

A great way for learning colours too!

8. Synarry Dinosaur Puzzles

Despite dinosaurs atypically being for boys, my little girl loves dinosaurs too and at any opportunity is ready to go “ROAR.”

These interesting puzzles have unusually shaped pieces making them more challenging for our toddlers.

Once completed, the dinosaurs can be stood up and brought to life ready for some role play too!

Check out our Pretend Play For Toddlers article for more exciting ideas for role play activities. 

9. Yogeon First Animal Puzzles

I love everything about these puzzles; the quirky designs, the completed puzzles which make actual animal shaped designs and the adult and baby versions of each puzzle.

Can you guess that although maybe slightly easy for my adult ability I would love this set too?!

Perfect excuse for another puzzle purchase in my eyes!

10. Chiyr Wooden Expression Block Puzzles

 A unique puzzle set which is a fantastic way of also teaching facial expressions and emotions to our two year olds.

The cards are used to decide which expression to make on the blocks and to see if the pieces can be put together to create all of these funny faces.

It will sure have our two year olds giggling as we all try to make these faces on the cards.

The few various colours of the blocks allow the puzzles to stay simple and enjoyable for all.

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